Welcome back guardians. Destiny 1’s greatest weakness, the grimoire cards that were not accessible in game, was also one of its greatest strengths, a diamond in the rough from which the Lore community was born… Whilst the Lore is now in-game in Destiny 2, the complexities of accessing the Lore remains, for example, some scannables in the open world change depending if you have played Destiny 1 before and some scannables also change depending on your race, i.e. human vs exo vs awoken. Adding to this complexity, I was recently informed that some missions (which by the way, you can only play once per character) have an alternate ending depending on your actions. So unless you have made multiple characters or unless you have performed the right action and triggered the alternate ending, you may have missed some really cool lore. Today we are looking at the ending of the Titan world quest, enemy of my enemy and specifically the battle between the Hive knight and the Fallen Captain at the end of the mission.

As the player you decide who wins this battle and depending on who lives, the ending reveals an easter egg relating to the possibility of Fallen Allies. In fact, the game hides this clue in plain sight, the mission is called, “Enemy of my enemy” but they have not completed this common saying, the saying normal goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!”. This ending of this Titan is a massive clue to Fallen Allies. So stick around and I will show you both endings, also a big thanks to Patreon Andrew Beilman for letting me know about this because on both my characters I did not trigger the alternate ending. And a big thanks to Master Trey who still had not completed the mission on two characters so I could capture the footage. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO] Before I get to the endings, it is actually really important to understand what you are actually doing in the mission, if you are anything like me, even with my love for the lore, I still fall into the habit of run, punch, shoot, scan, defend and pay little attention to the in-game dialogue.

So let me give you a recap of the world quest on Titan, Enemy of my Enemy. The mission starts with Sloane requesting that you remove some Fallen from an auxiliary centre because if they hit the wrong button the Rig could fall into the methane ocean. Just in case you were not listening your ghost summarises this in classic destiny fashion. “We go in, scare the Fallen out of the control centre. We get out”. – Ghost Sloane then further specifies that you are dealing with one specific Fallen Captain and his crew.

This is actually important for later. After accessing the control centre and clearing them out you realise that the Fallen were not just goofing around but this captain was after Data. “Looks like they wanted data, not systems control. Linking up with their taps.” – ghost. You ghost proceeds to extract this data whilst you defend the point. The Data is then provided to Sloane and it is used to restore some power to the Rig and prevent it from falling into the methane ocean.

The mission continues because Amanda Holliday was able to discover the location of a methane reactor within the data. Sloane explains that if we can activate this methane reactor our power problems on Titan will be relatively solved. Upon trying to bootup the methane reactor you come across some golden age safety checkpoints and discover that the previous Captain that was in the Control room has accidently trapped himself and his crew. The implication here is that the Captain’s goal was always to seek out the Methane reactor, that was why he was in the original control room.

After accidently releasing the Captain, *sigh*, Your clever ghost realises that the Captain’s main objective has always been to secure the reactor, so your Ghosts asks, “Sloane, why do the Fallen want the reactor?” – Ghost Sloane replies “For Ether production, probably. They hook up a big servitor to it, they double or triple output. Why do you ask?” – Sloane So, know it is revealed that the Captain wanted the reactor for ether production. For those who are knew to the lore, ether is the lifesource of the Fallen, they require ether to live, ether is produced by servitors and allows the Fallen to grow big and strong. Missions in both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 often revolve around destroying servitors to starve the Fallen of ether. So it makes sense that with Guardians constantly destroying their ether supply the Fallen need to be more effective, and apparently they can hook up a servitor to the reactor and increase their production.

Still on the topic of ether, Destiny 1 also revealed that Fallen kells have devices called Elder Ciphers, that allow Kells to distribute ether to their troops, i.e. essentially allowing them to pick only their most loyal troops to become stronger. As I have mentioned many times before, Variks is in possession of the known elder ciphers. The main point is Ether is very important to the Fallen, which is what makes this ending even more surprising. So, you arrive at the methane reactor only to find the Fallen Captain having a sword fight with a Hive knight.

If you destroy both at the same time or you destroy the Captain first, the ending you receive is this; However, if you only destroy the Hive knight and leave the Fallen Captain this happens. The Captain does not attack you! In fact, he says something to you and leaves. He lets you have the methane reactor, the reactor he was trying to access to better produce ether to keep his species alive! This is a massive clue towards an alliance with the Fallen, and it doesn’t stop there. In hindsight, there are many clues suggesting this, firstly the name of the mission, “Enemy of my enemy”, the enemy of your enemy is your friend, the Hive were our greatest enemy, the enemy of the Hive in this scenario is the Fallen, i.e. the Fallen are our friends.

It literally hints at this in the mission title. Also before you enter the room your ghost says this, “I can’t believe that Captain’s still ahead of us. He’s much cleverer than most of the Captains we’ve met.”- Ghost. And then “Well, I say met, but you know what I mean.”- ghost And “Remind me, do we like the Hive or Fallen better?” – ghost The game is very subtlety telling you, meet this Fallen Captain, there is something special about this Fallen Captain, this Fallen Captain is different. Finally there is one massive clue that brings this all together… the gold colour armour on the Fallen Captain. This is very very unique to this Captain, and those who are familiar with the Fallen houses will recognise that this is the colour of the House of kings and those who have seen my previous videos will know that there is mounting evidence that Prince Uldren, the Queen’s Brother, is now in control of the House of kings which united all of the Fallen Forces. The fact that in this alternate ending, this Captain lets us have the ether adds to this evidence This is really cool and exciting, if you find any other alternate ending please let me know in the comments below, or via twitter, or via discord or patreon.

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