What’s going on YouTube and welcome back to the two-part series of my Milestones Guide. In this video I’ll be covering the Strikes, the Flashpoint, and the Nightfall. So with that being said let’s go ahead and get straight on into this. So we’ll go ahead and start off with the Flashpoint. And if you haven’t done any of these public events, I’ll go ahead and give you an in-depth Guide on how you make them Heroic. So first on the list for the Flashpoint and making the public events Heroic, is the Ether Resupply. This one’s super easy all you do is take down a Prime Servitor and to make it Heroic, he’s going to eventually spawn in smaller Servitors, and all you do is just take them out. There’ll be two sets of them. I believe it starts off with one and then it goes into three of them. All you do is just take them down and then the Prime Servitor itself will just Enhance its health.

And then you just drop em’ and you’re good to go. So next on our list for the Flashpoint and making it Heroic, is Disrupt Vex Construction. This one’s super easy all you have to do is Sync up three plates to a 100% and once you’re done that a Hydra is gonna spawn. Two things you want to keep in mind, you’re gonna have enemies trying to take you down on each area of the Sync Plate. And then you’re also gonna have to make sure they don’t make it to the center where the Integrations are. If they do however make it to the center. I wouldn’t worry about it too much as long as you make sure you don’t lose all 10 of them. So now that we’ve made it to the third public event to make Heroic. This one is by far my favorite one, Injection Rig. So all you need to do to make this one Heroic? Is take out the Scion that spawns in. Once you’ve done that three Vents are gonna open up one at a time. The first one’s gonna be located at the top, the second one will be located in the middle, and the third one will be located at the bottom.

Keep in mind the third one at the bottom will cycle between three different locations. So just keep your eye out on which end it spawns on. So after that all you need to do is take out the Major that spawns in. And you’re good to go to claim your rewards. As you can see now, I just completed my Flashpoint just from doing four Heroic public events. So now that we’ve finished our Flashpoint, let’s head over to the Heroic Strikes, and I’ll show you how you get some of those done. So to make this as easy as possible for you guys. I’ll try and get through this step-by-step as fast as possible.

Right when you start off all you gotta do is take out those ads make your way down, hack that control panel and then head out the door. Now that you’ve made it to the next area. Make sure you wipe out all the ads or as many as possible. Take out the Thresher Ship, grab that Solar Charge and then make your way down. Slam it on that Sync Plate, take out another Thresher and then make your way up to the top. Once you’ve made it up there try and take out the ads as much as possible because there’s gonna be a lot of them. And then take out the Major. Once you’ve taken him out, also he’s really noticeable he’s in (All Green) take him out and then make your way down further. Now that you’ve made it to the Goliath Tanks all you got to do is ignore the first tank. Head to the right hack that control panel, head to the opposite side hack that control panel. And then the second Goliath Tank will spawn in.

All you got to do now? Take that Tank down, drop the Major next to him and then make your way down to Bracus’ Zahn. So we’re almost done with this Strike. All we got to do now is kill all these ads, hack that control panel, activate the elevator. And then this is where the fun begins. So hopefully you have as much ammo? And make sure you have your Super? This is the key thing, (make sure you saved your Super up to this point). But make sure you try and get as much ammo as possible. So hopefully you have enough? Because if you can do as much damage to Bracus’ Zahn straight off the bat. What’s gonna happen is? Instead of him jumping in his Tower and casting an Over Shield, and then blah blah blah you got to do a bunch of other stuff. What’s gonna happen is? He’s just gonna jump right back down and you can continue doing DPS.

In case you weren’t able to do as much damage as possible. What’s gonna happen now is? Once he jumps in his tower and casts his Over Shield. All you got to do is wipe out as many ads as possible and pretty much wait. Keep an eye out for those Threshers, because they’re a pain in the ass. And at this point what you want to do is find that Solar Charge, find the designated area, slam it. Bracus’ Zahn is gonna come down. All you got to do is drop him and you’re done with this Strike. So now we’re on Savathun’s Song. This is our second Heroic Strike of the three we need to complete. And this one is going to be a little bit longer.

So? Keep in mind that this might take a little bit more time. So what you want to do now? Just make your way down until you reach the main area where you fight the Revenant Wizard. All you got to do, take her out, take out the ads hack the door, and then wait. What’s gonna happen now is you’re gonna have two sets of a massive amount of enemies. All you gotta do is once they spawn in. Take them out, take out both of the Knights and then the door will open up. All right… So now that you’ve gotten the door open. Take out the thrall make sure you kill both the Knights before you tag the Ogre. Cuz they kind of get in the way. Kill that Ogre and you’re good to go to proceed. Make sure you kill these Major Acolytes because they do drop Heavy ammo. And then just make your way down further. You’re gonna have more ads to take out and another Revenant Wizard. Once you’ve killed that Revenant Wizard? Grab the Void Charge have your team wipe out the enemies in front of you.

Slam it, destroy the Shrieker and then run down and jump down that hole. So this is one of the Heroic Strikes that differs from all the other ones. At this point you could either go behind you and head down that path.Or you could go the original way up to the top right. Either way it’s going to lead you back to the same area. If you go the opposite way you’re gonna come up from the back end, and you’re gonna have to destroy the Wizards.

Now at this point just make your way all the way around the side and then jump up, and then jump up again, and all the way up to the top. And from there you can (Cheese out) everything. I mean it’s super easy and I highly recommend you do it. Once you’ve killed the Ogres and the Wizards just make your way down kill some more acolytes.

Kill a Knight, whatever you got to do. Just make your way down until you get that Void Charge. Once you’ve gotten that Void Charge, you’re gonna get a bunch of thrall, exploding thrall. Just take all those enemies out. Make your way down until you’ve reached the area where two mini Ogres will spawn in. Drop those Ogres, and then head down slam it, and destroy the Shriekers. And then you finally made it into the catacombs and then from this point just avoid all those thrall.

Run past them, shoot them, whatever you got to do. And then you’ve made it to Savathun’s Chamber. So now we’ve made it to Savathun’s Chamber. Now… Basically what you want to do is? Just do DPS on Savathun until she moves to the right. Head over to the right, take out all the ads. Take out all the Knights, do more DPS to her. And then she’s gonna teleport back to the middle.

Once she’s back in the middle you’re gonna do more DPS. And you’re gonna continuously drop as much damage as possible until she moves to the left. Once she moves to the left, Ogres and a bunch of acolytes are going to spawn in. So I highly recommend if you have a (Hunter) with you? Or if you have a Super like your Stormcaller, or your Dawn Blade or your Striker? Whatever Supers you have? Drop all those ads and then Savathun is gonna send herself straight back into the middle where she started. Now at this point once you’ve done enough damage. You’re gonna stop being able to put damage down and then a Wizards gonna spawn in. Take out that Wizard, grab the Void Charge that spawns. Two more Wizards are gonna spawn, one on the left, one on the right. Jump up to the top, slam it, get the hell out of there. Have your teammates drop those Wizards. Whatever you got to do. And then also keep in mind? Savathun does this like Omega charge shot. So if you see it? Get the hell out of the way because it’s gonna (Wipe) you really fast.

After that she’s gonna send herself back to the middle, teleport… whatever. Take her down, and you’re done with this Strike. So we finally made it to our final Heroic Strike. We’re on the Pyramidion. So what I’ll do for this strike is? I’ll give you kind of an in-depth (Guide) so you can apply it to the Nightfall. Being that the Nightfall is the Pyramidion as well. So once you make your way down. What you want to do is just kill these ads. Activate the Sync Plate and then jump back up. It doesn’t matter where you are just get off of the base level.

Then at this point activate your shield (Titan), your Dimensional Rift (Warlock). Whatever you got to do. Take out the Harpies, take out all the ads, and then make your way to the jumping puzzle. So I highly recommend you have a (Hunter) with you? Because once you make it to the jumping down puzzle. What you want to do is at the edge of each jump, have your (Hunter) cloak you (Smoke Bomb) or if you’re a (Hunter) yourself? Cloak your team, jump to the next floor, cloak yourself at the edge. Jump down all the way down to the end. Once you make it to the end. You hit that corner… right when you take that left, drop that Phalanx. Dodge all the lasers, drop down the hole and then boom… you got a checkpoint. You’re good to go. So now you’ve made it to one of the most (Crucial Time Based) areas. What you want to do is? Take out the first group of enemies as fast as possible using your Grenades, your Energy Weapons and maybe a little bit of Heavy.

But other than that don’t waste all your Heavy. Kill that group. And then have one of the three in your team activate their Super and kill that next group of enemies that come in, and that Wizard. And then if you have a (Hunter) with you? Make it to that Time Warpgate. All those ads are going to spawn in and those Minotaurs. Have your (Hunter) drop a (Tether) kill them all and then you’re good to go to the next area.

This is where you have three (Crucial Sync Plate) areas. This is probably the worst place to be if you don’t do it right. So what you want to do at this point? Have your (Hunter) or if you’re a (Hunter) yourself? Cloak each of these plates. Now it’s super easy. What you want to do is throw your (Smoke Bomb) down. Right when it’s about to charge. Jump in the air, throw it down again until all three of the plates are done. Once you make it past the Time Warpgate. Then all the ads that were left behind will despawn and your team can run up and catch up to you. Make your way down to the (Conflux) area. All you got to do is keep that method. Right when your (Smoke Bomb) is about to charge. Jump in the air, cloak yourself, hack a (Conflux) and get the hell out. And then just do that for all four of them. It’s super easy. Maybe in a future video, i’ll give you an in-depth guide on how you do it. Now you’ve made it to (Brakion). Do as much damage as possible right when he spawns in.

Now once he teleports. He’s gonna teleport to a corner and he’s gonna pop up a (Triangular Shield). He’s gonna be blasting you with his (Line Rifle) so you gotta watch out for that. Once he makes it to the right. The (Sync Plate) the first one is gonna be all the way over to the left. Run over to that one activate that (Sync Plate).

In the meantime while you’re activating it? Wipe out the ads and then the one on to the right is gonna spawn in. Once both of those are done, the shield’s gonna drop, and then you can do DPS. You’re gonna do this two times now, so just rinse and repeat until (Brakion) teleports into the spawn point. Just drop his health a little bit more then he’s gonna teleport into the middle. Once he’s in the middle take him down as much as possible. Once you reach that threshold his head’s gonna pop off, and then his (Critical Area) is gonna be his stomach. At this point his “one shot one shot” (Line Rifle) is gonna turn into a quad shot. So he’s gonna, boop boop boop. He’s gonna be droppin lasers at you like crazy. Synchronize with your team, wipe out all the ads, hit that (Critical Spot). Drop him and you’re good to go to grab your loot. So if you do like this video? My name is Chromatic-Effect. You guys know what to do. And I’ll catch you guys in the next video. Hmmpphh… Don’t forget to hit that notification bell..

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