Ascendant Challenge 5 in the Bay of Drowned Wishes is probably the easiest in terms all of achievements associated: Taken Eggs, the lore collectible and the speedrun triumph. You can actually do all of them in the same run as long as you’re going fast enough. The first egg on the big mountain in front of you when you first spawn in. Hop to the big circle plate, turn right and it’ll be very hard to miss on the mountain. The lore is in the broken bridge platform which is 4 platforms after where we got the first egg. When you get a big platform with a tree on it, the lore is behind the tree. I told you this week was gonna be easy. Continue down the broken bridge and definitely pretend like you meant to fall off the platform to the next egg, which is on top of the giant statue’s head.

The final egg is at the end of the platforming section on top of the building that you will be fighting under. The donut platform is where you can shoot the egg from. As for the time trial, it is really not that hard to do, maybe do this place one time to get a feel for where the platforms are, then come back in with a super, just go down the platforms quickly or if you find a shortcut, take it, and then just super the wizards at the bottom when they spawn in. Super simple. If you get the triumph, it’ll appear as the wizards die, not when you leave. That’s all for this challenge, thanks everyone. .

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