Hello everyone and Welcome to the first of many probably Destiny 2, Xur videos. If you´re new to Destiny, Xur is a vendor that only shows up on the weekends from Friday reset to Sunday reset who sells exotic Items a weapon is sold for 29 legendary shards and then three exotic armor pieces for 23 shards one for each class He will appear in a random spot every week although in destiny 1 there were only so many locations He was spawn into you don’t really need to look for him uh He’s just kind of marked on your map thought we were gonna have to go search for him But nope just need to check the different planets and find his little icon this week He’s on Nessus in the watchers grave only takes about you know 10 seconds to go get him He’s up in that tree there, so let’s go see what he’s got Here he is Case you’re in case you’re new you don’t you don’t know what it looks like that’s the old Old tentacle face there you go alright, Xur what do you got? So looking at his inventory Yeah I’ll say that right now.

I think this might be the best week of xur we will ever see and if it’s not It is definitely way up there Looks like he’s been stripped of all of the other items that he used to have and he’s just down to the exotics now we’re gonna have a quick moment of silence for the loss of our rare blue quality Sparrow drive upgrades It also appears that the power level of the Items scales with your level up to what I believe is a cap of 270 I had someone say that they were item level 124 power level 124 and items from xur were power level 215 And I was kind of hoping he would have some of those destiny one style doodads to get you know just kind of random Random items. There’s maybe some shaders or something but Nope. Oh, well. It’s just it’s just the exotics, so let’s get to it the weapon of the week is Merciless the fusion rifle. the two perks on this weapon are Non-lethal hits with this weapon make weapon charge times faster until you get a kill and then reloading immediately after a kill Increases your weapon damage for a short time at this time I think this is potentially one of the best power weapons in the game for any sort of boss damage or long-term damage, I do not own this I Was not able to get it.

I’m gonna buy one right now Okay a lot of things going on I was not able to get this during the first week So I’m very excited to try it out and see how it does but from what I’ve been hearing from other people it is pretty Darn good. I’m not gonna do any raid spoilers here Just yet, but I think this thing does have a place in the raid in early encounters Maybe not too much later, but definitely earlier encounters.

I still need to play with the thing To you know test it out and all that kind of stuff, but if you’re swimming in shards already And you already have the exotic armor listed this week. I would say you should highly consider getting this Hunters you are getting Raiden Flux the chest armor the main perk on The armor is synapse junctions where’s quick successive attacks with our staff increase its damage output and duration From what I’ve been able to tell this is the Arcstrider chest armor to have I don’t have a hunter just yet, but again. I’m just gonna buy this But anytime I’ve asked about Arcstrider Come on come on back.

I keep hitting the wrong button. Any time I’ve asked about Arcstrider I’ve just heard from people that the chest armor is insane It’s really good and the perk on it seems Very very good almost like what they wanted mask of the third man to be or something like that Makes your super lasts way longer an Arcstrider and PvE with this chest pretty pretty lethal pretty lethal I would definitely pick this up if you have the shards and play Arcstrider a lot. Even if you don’t If you have the shards I would grab anything I could get at this point this musics way too intense for What I’m doing right now Titans you’re getting the doom fang pauldrons, I am on right now in fact.

I’m just gonna Do that so we match here wait There we go doom fangs Love these things the main perk on the armor is horns of doom where shield bash melee kills recharge her shield throw on your super and melee ability kills recharge your Sentinel super These were a reward during the story I believe all the items by the way were rewards during the story correct me if I’m wrong and I fell in love with these immediately Especially after I unlocked the bottom section of my Sentinel subclass code of the aggressor where you get another shield to throw These gloves along with coated the aggressor in the Sentinel tree allow you to throw shields Basically non-stop as long as there are enemies in the area And that is really good for picking off a lot of low tier enemies It’s basically throw throw melee Throw melee throw throw melee you can chain a lot of shield throws together with this And it also comes highly recommended For PvE.

Maybe not PvP so much Because it doesn’t have as much you’re not fighting as many people or you’re not fighting as many enemies in PvP, but in PvE for the most part highly recommended Warlocks, you are getting wings of sacred dawn one of the best-looking exotics in the game in my opinion Makes me feel like I’m in a Korean MMO. They look really crazy unfortunately that doesn’t mean much for the strength of the item because it is essentially a buffed version of angel of light which was a perk that wasn’t really used very much in destiny 1 the perk is When Dawn blade is equipped aiming weapons in midair keeps you in midair for a short time and precision hits extend the timer I Appreciate that they buffed this destiny one perk But that’s not gonna change the fact that it completely stops you from moving in midair And you stick out like crazy so in PvP.

You can see how that Might be a problem. You might fool some people at the start. You know. They’re maybe they’re not ready for it But after that they’re gonna catch on respect to the one dude. I saw trying to use it I personally don’t think it’s super great in PvE. I’m a min/max err I like to optimize my loadout spur getting as much power as possible and this thing does not boost your power at all I’m trying to think of any times in the raid where you might want to have this effect and nothing immediately comes to mind as I used to call them in destiny one though This is a do a thing exotic where I can’t really put a static value on the ability It just does a thing it does an ability and if you can make it work for you And you like it then great you should use it, but as a min/max err kind of guy I don’t think you need this at least at this current moment I don’t think there’s a reason to use it especially over something like Luna faction boots, which are really good but again it is one of the best looking items in the game hands down a Little swoop and That’s your Xur week one For destiny 2 if you’re new to the channel welcome if you’re a veteran of the channel.

Thank you for sticking around I’ve been working my butt off to get raid guides out to you as fast and as accurately as possible But I think I actually need to sleep tonight because I been getting Three to five hours of sleep most nights since launch and I really just need to take a day to get some sleep a lot of people have been asking about Highest damage weapons weapon damage comparisons and suchlike all that kind of stuff. It’s coming I Promise you it’s coming. I just need a little bit more time to get the other stuff out first I really want to start talking exotics because I’ve fallen way behind on that I’ve basically not talked about exotics at all, but the raid guides are more of a like a long-term thing I think they’re more helpful immediately and that’s kind of what I’m known for so I’m hoping they grow over the year And I just really want to get them out first so Once those are out.

We’ll start talking about exotics a little bit more. We’ll start diving into that world otherwise as usual Description has your datto weekly update. I’m heading to bed. Thank you all very much for watching Have a great weekend, and I will see you next time.

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