This is Mack, for Pixel Enemy, running on very little sleep thanks to Destiny 2. Today, I want to avoid any potential story spoilers by focusing on the game’s PvP aspect. The competitive multiplayer has gone through a great deal of changes, and how players approach the modes and maps is going to be very different this time around. Destiny 1 was a lot more casual, whereas Destiny 2 gets a little more hardcore. I’ll talk about that and more, as I discuss the top 5 Destiny 2 PVP multiplayer tips. While playing through the Destiny 2 campaign, a lot of weapons may seem like they have become obsolete. A 120 attack hand cannon going up against at 150 attack auto rifle, for example, may seem like an easy “goodbye hand cannon.” And, in PVE it almost always is. However, in PVP, outside of the Trials special event, attack levels don’t matter, as everything gets balanced out, to make things even.

So even weapons with a lower attack, may still boast great perks and stats. Look past that big number, read the description and stats, and then decide whether it’s worth dismantling. I was using a low level auto rifle for hours last night, and it worked really well. Much better than the higher attack scout rifle I was first attempting to dominate with.

Bungie has shaken things up a bit when it comes weapon types in Destiny 2. In the original game, we had Primary, Special, and Heavy. Now we have Kinetic, Energy, and Power. Focusing on the latter, the Power weapons, there’s a variety of different guns that fit in here. Gone are the machine guns, which were a little too beastly in Destiny 1 PVP, and in come the sniper rifles, fusion rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, shotguns, and swords. There’s a lot to pick from here, as the special and heavy weapons of the past have been squashed together. It may seem like a difficult choice, but for me in PVP, with how things have gone thus far, if you’re good with a sniper rifle, I’d say pick that. However, a rocket launcher with a decent reload speed is also a good choice.

Everything else relies too much on being up-close to the enemy, and can’t really deal a great amount of damage to an entire grouped-up squad. As always, pay attention to where and when Power ammo is spawning, and remember that in Destiny 2, only one player gets to pick the ammo up. Supers are an even bigger deal in Destiny 2. Fewer players on the battlefield, means fewer Supers being used, which means fewer opportunities to completely wipe out the enemy and build a lead. When your Super is ready to be unleashed, consider two things: whether to use it as an offensive maneuver to take out as many enemies as possible, or, if you have a one-hit kill attack, whether to use it as a counter. If the enemy hasn’t popped their Super yet, and you’ve got a good feeling it’s coming, then holding onto your Super may be a good idea.

Wait for the enemy to go all Dragonball Z, and then activate your Super and finish them in one blow. You countered their attack and you’ll likely take out a couple of their teammates, too. Be sure to also follow in the wake of Super-using friendlies, as they’ll be dropping orbs which give a bit of Super charge. Supers making Supers making Supers! Good stuff! While there’s both “Quick Play” and “Competitive” options for PVP, don’t get the impression that the former will be any less intense. “Quick Play” contains the respawn modes, while “Competitive” puts a cap on the number of player lives.

They are still both incredibly hardcore. Reducing the team size from 6 to 4, means things run a lot tighter, with squads sticking together and trying to keep the pace up. Matches where multiple flags have to be held, often descend into doing laps around the map chasing lost flags and attempting to overtake the enemy. I’ll say it again, it’s intense, and you really need to go into Destiny 2 PVP with winning in mind. Hopefully, Bungie adds some more casual game modes, where players can relax and not be pushed to go hard and fast at all times. Some variant on Gun Game would be welcome, or an infection zombie mode, perhaps? But for now, everything PVP is damn serious, so stay frosty and don’t fall behind. The main way to avoid falling behind is to work as a unit. Even if you don’t know who the other three players on your team are, you’ll want to stick together. With one-hit kill weapons now a rare sight, team-shotting is more important than ever, and combining fire with your teammates is how you are going to win gunfights.

Other shooters make it possible for players to flank and down opponents with 2 or 3 well-placed shots. Destiny 2 makes you work for your kills, and you can forget flanking on your own, as the radar will always give your position away. And if you’re caught running solo, well, you’re probably going to die. Don’t be afraid to retreat back to your team if the odds are against you.

If you die, and respawns are active, the first thought in your head as you’re reborn should be “Where is my team?” Stick together, work as a unit, and win! So those are my top 5 Destiny 2 PVP multiplayer tips. Got any good ones of your own? Let me know in the comments down below. If you enjoyed this video, hit the “Like” button, and subscribe, if you haven’t already. This has been Mack, for Pixel Enemy, goodbye..

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