Hello and welcome to part 2 of my Tinker jungling guide. In this video I will show you how to farm the Radiant jungle efficiently with a Tinker. Tinker jungle is also very fast on Radiant like Soul Ring Travels in less than 8 minutes. It’s also somewhat easier on Radiant depending on how you look at it but its also kinda messy but I will talk a lot about all this later in this video, and also later I will show you exactly which trees I cut down in the tree-cutting phase but for now let’s get into it.

You want to start off by stacking two camps at the same time just like I do with Necrophos. Start running towards the Hardcamp at around 37. Then hit the hard camp so the projectile is hitting the hard camp at exactly 43. Then drag the creeps all the way through the little pathway you have created here and click 2 with the mouse on this spot because here you will be safe. If you accidently click a little too far to the left your hero will attempt to get to the lowground by running all the way around, at which point you will tank the creep and that’s not what you want. So stand exactly at this spot. Then when the creeps run back you can pull them again from all the way up here, so time it so your projectile hits the hard camp at 53. And then hit the Mediumcamp at 55 and then just for style points hit the other Hardcamp as fast as you can at 57-58 because if you’re lucky this Hardcamp will stack also which means you got a triple stack to start things off.

And then immediately after place a March while standing right here as close to the edge as possible and do it in this direction so its hitting both the Mediumcamp and the Hardcamp from the side so this way it’s going to do a lot more damage. Now your objective is to clear the hard camp completely and at the same time damage the Mediumcamp stack as much as you can. You will have another March before the 2 minute mark so damage the Hardcamp creeps evenly and try to set it up so you get maximum value from your next March. And then at stop attacking the Mediumcamp because you want to stack it at 1:55. And from here it’s just rinse repeat.

You want to take out the Hardcamp every minute and while doing that damage the Mediumcamp as much as possible because your aim is to clear these two camps completely so you can go stack the Hardcamp to the right. So this way will get value from all three camps. It’s only the Trolls that can cancel your Clarity Potion, so when you are sure you don’t get trolls in the hard camp at the 2 minute mark then you can use your Clarity Potion. So here you can see I barely make it in time to kill both camps and stack the Hardcamp at 53. When you pull the creeps in this direction can get away with pulling at 55, 56 depending on how big the stack is. But preferably you want to pull the camp so the projectile hits the creeps at 53. This time I got some more difficult creeps, the Trolls and the Golems. So this time my plan is to clear the Trolls completely and stack either the Golems or the Hardcamp to the right.

But things don’t always go as planned. This time I’m a bit too greedy and want to damage the Golems because I figured that this next March would kill the Troll camp completely. In theory it was a good idea, but I forgot to take into account the fact that the Trolls spawn the Skeleton Warriors. On top of that I made a judgement call to stack the Hardcamp to the right instead of the Mediumcamp. At this point both options are good, but I was counting on the fact that the Hardcamp to the left would spawn new creeps which it did not do because of these dumb little skeleton warriors. So here I’m left in a situation where I have no Hardcamp and only half a Mediumcamp. So I lose a lot of momentum right here simply because I got no creeps to kill. So all I can do is just wait and then stack the Hardcamp to the right at 53 at which point I will then get 2 new camps to work with over here.

At the 4-5 minute mark the trees will begin to respawn. So you will just have to cut down the same trees again as best you can without losing too much farming time. Remember that when you want to cut down the trees on the lowground you need to click with your mouse close to the elevation and when you stand there, then you can cut down the trees. Otherwise your hero is just going to walk all the way around and that’s not what you want. All of this just takes some getting used to.

Despite of the trees respawning on me I do manage to clear both these camps because I’m setting up the camps in such a way so that everything will die when I throw down this next March. And then I can stack this hard camp again. And notice how I’m always cutting down a tree while I’m stacking this camp. Cutting down as many trees as you can over here is really important because it allows you to pull in this direction and this way you can get a lot more stacks off safely.

And look at this, more trolls and more Golems. This time I chose to just screw the Golems and just focus on killing the Trolls which die really easily to March of the Machines Because I know that I’m going to clear the big Hardcamp stack here at the 7 minute mark so this time I’m just not going to even bother with the freakin’ golems. So now it when the fun begins. I’m already level 6 at 7 minutes which is fine. But now my farm is going to go through the roof as I’m about to kill the hard camp stack as well as the rune camp and the easy camp. So pull the hard camp stack and place your March right here so you can see I’m also hitting the easy camp. Then walk up and drag the Runecamp so you’re sure they will also take damage by the march. Then rearm at a safe spot where you’re not tanking too much damage.

And then do the same thing again and remember you want your bottle to be full up at this point, because with some bottle charges you can March, Rearm, March, Rearm, March which will clear everything. And there you have it, Boots of Travels on top of bottle and level 8 is also possible to do in less than 8 minutes on the Radiant side. And this is even a replay where I got double Golems, double Trolls and I screwed up big time with the Skeleton Warriors, so I lost at least one hard camp worth of gold and experience right there. So maybe with the perfect run you can get your Travels at 7 minutes? I don’t know but if you borrow a bottle from a team mate just like you saw in part 1, then obviously it’s gonna be a lot faster.

And even so this is still like the fastest in the world kinda stuff so if you beat my time right here, which is definitely possible, then you actually hold the world record for the fastest Travels on a jungle Tinker if there is such a record. But anyway I’ve also chosen to show you this other replay you’re watching now where I go for the Soul Ring instead of the bottlecrow because I’ve been giving it a lot more though about whether to go for the Soul Ring or the Bottle. I’ve done a lot more playtesting. It feels like sometimes Soul Ring is better sometimes bottlecrow is better. Pretty much what it comes down to is if you got a midlane who needs to bottlecrow constantly. Because if he needs to bottlecrow to win his lane, then obviously you should go for Soul Ring. So like, if you’re playing pub with only strangers then just get the Soul Ring because then you won’t have to get into an argument with your midlane about who needs to use the courier.

But if your mate is middle, if you’re playing with your team or if you got a hero like Invoker or Viper mid, then for the love of God do the bottlecrow. It really is better for you. You can get your Travels faster, because bottle is cheaper than Soul Ring and you don’t need to buy Tangos. It’s safer; you can keep your HP up with the healing from the Bottle. You have some bottle charges in case you get ganked. Because if you go for Soulring, you must not tank the creeps at all, because then your HP is just going to be too low and you will be so easy to kill.

Here on the Radiant side, it’s pretty easy to not tank the creeps. The only thing you need to think about is to not tank the Trolls more than you have to. Just right-click them from a distance while you are dragging them back and forth and let the March do most of the work. On the Dire side however, you might tank the creeps a lot more than you’d like. So if you want some help on how not to tank the creeps on the Dire side you can check out my Tinker Speedrun where I will explain to you exactly what I do avoid tanking the creeps. If you got problems with tanking the creeps too much you can buy a bunch of tangos to keep your HP up. But you kind of don’t want to do that right, because it will just delay your Boots of Travel timing.

So personally I would do it with the bottlecrow, but depends on your midlane off cause. But anyway back to the replay. If I had played this part a bit better I could have cleared both camps in time to stack the hard camp to the right. But I’m a little bit too slow and that pretty much cost me an entire camp because I didn’t make it in time to stack.

In terms of difficulty I’ve previously stated that Tinker jungling on the Dire side should be a 7. But I have since learned that the creeps are a bit more aggressive in Reborn so you kind of need to learn how not to tank the creeps all the time and it does take a little bit of getting used to. So I’m willing to change the difficulty on the Dire side from a 7 to an 8. On the Radiant side I’ve chosen to also give it a 7. I think this is easier to do on Radiant. Maybe 7 is even a bit overkill. I don’t think this is that difficult to do on Radiant to be honest. In fact Reborn it has gotten easier to stack the Medium camp here on the Radiant side, which is really nice compared to how it was before. But I know some of you will get frustrated by the trees respawning and you will lose control of your hero because Tinker will run all the way around instead of just hitting the creeps like he is supposed to. So I’m giving it a 7 and then I hope maybe you will get pleasantly surprised when you try it out on Radiant and find that it’s really not that difficult to do.

Here at the 7 minute mark I should have cleared the big hard camp stack. But I didn’t and I don’t know why I guess I forgot to look at the timer. I have my level 6; I’m almost level 7 actually. So I should have definitely just cleared the hard camp stack instead of fighting these Wildwings. So now is when I realize “oh wait it’s 7 minutes I can just clear the stacks and get my Travels”. And then I put a fourth level into March to compensate for my mistake which you generally don’t want to do.

I didn’t stack anything at the 8 minute mark and also I completely forgot to sell my Quelling Blade. So I made a bunch of small mistakes here. So I get my Travels at but that would definitely also have been in less than 8 minutes if I hadn’t messed up that bad. So I’m like “I messed up, I might as well try and see how fast I can get bottle on top of this”. So here you see just how low you can drop if you’re not careful about tanking the creeps. If this was a real game I would have been such an easy kill.

But this is Soulring for you. You will drop pretty low when you’re clearing the stacks, so if is a little bit risky. So I get the bottle on top of Soulring Travels in just under 10 minutes and I’m level 9 pretty much. Now I want to talk about the tree-cutting phase. In part one I showed the tree-cutting phase for the Dire side, but I have just a small correction to that. When I did the replay for part 1 it was in the dying moments the old Dota 2 before Reborn became mandatory. I just assumed Dota 2 and Dota 2 Reborn to be the same as long as it was the same patch. But I stand corrected because apparently there are some minor differences.

The creeps are a bit more aggressive in Reborn and also there is this one tree that’s placed differently. I don’t think there is any significance to it. I think they just placed this one tree in the wrong position by mistake. So it doesn’t change anything but just for good measure here is the tree-cutting for the Dire side in Reborn. You start off by cutting down the trees up here just like I showed you in part 1. I like to leave these two trees in the middle here because they are easy to cut down later while I’m stacking. Then when you hear the sound of the horn, you go down here and cut down these six trees here. And now here in Reborn there are 4 trees on the high ground and 2 trees on the low ground you need to cut down. As opposed to before in the old Dota 2 where it was 3 on the highground 3 on the lowground. And also in Reborn what I do, is that I cut down this one more tree here. Because when I stand right here, then I’m sure I won’t block the camp with my hero.

But you could also stand here. Or you could stand by the rune if you’re feeling brave. It doesn’t matter that much because, I haven’t been clear about this, but you don’t have to cut all the trees before the creeps spawn. You can just cut down the last trees you’re missing while you’re jungling. It just takes some practice. On the Radiant side you want to start off by cutting down these 3 trees here. And then just too safe time I’m cutting down this one tree here on the way and then I cut down these 4 trees here.

I don’t have to cut down the fourth tree but there is plenty of time so I might as well. Then I cut down these four trees here to create a pathway so I can drag the hard camp creeps this way. And then finally I spend whatever time I have left to cut down these trees in this arena here. So let’s compare Tinker jungling on the Radiant side to Tinker jungling on the Dire side. In my opinion it’s more fun to do this on Radiant because you constantly have to take into account the creeps you’ve been given and figure out what camp you want to focus and if you can aim to clear both camps and still make it in time to stack the hard camp to the right.

I think it is a bit easier to jungle on radiant because there is more room for error and it’s kind of nice that you are cashing in your levels right away. You only have the 1 big stack as opposed to the Dire side where you have the 2 big stacks, However, it needs to be said, that you should have a defensive ward when you do this on Radiant. You are kind of blind to what’s going on in your jungle so in some situations you are just a sitting duck for gankers. In real games I feel more safe doing this on Dire because there I have more vision around me and often I can sense the gank coming and just run back with my early Boots of Speed.

On the Radiant side the jungling is a bit messier and what I mean by that is that you really have to control your hero perfectly because if you click wrong, your hero will attempt to run all the way around to get to the low ground and that’s really annoying. And also the attack range of Tinker is not that great, it’s even worse than Necrophos so this means you will need to position yourself very close to the elevation and then right click the creeps. On Dire it’s like you have this one technique and if you do it by the book exactly correctly then it’s very very fast. But if you want to get the insanely fast level timings, then you have very little room for error.

Sometimes when you get Golems for example, you just have to play flawlessly, because if you don’t you don’t have time to stack the Hardcamp plus the Mediumcamp. So bottom line highground jungling on the Dire side is this one technique you got to learn. It’s difficult to learn but when you get the hang of it, you can get the superfast travels every time. On Radiant it’s a bit easier, you have more room for error but you might get frustrated by the trees respawning and your hero running in weird directions.

So I think this Tinker jungling on the Radiant side will be easier for some of you and for some of you it will be harder. But no matter if you do it on the Radiant side or the Dire side it’s really fast. Like 8-10 minutes Travels on average. I think it is a little bit faster on Dire. On Dire there is this one technique, it’s pretty straight forward, I’m sure I’ve found the fastest way to jungle these heroes that rely on stacking. If you’re lucky you can reach level 8 in 7 minutes Flat and it’s just really solid.

The highground jungling here on the Radiant side, however, is still a bit of uncharted territory for me; I don’t feel skillcapped when I do this on the Radiant side. So maybe some of you guys can figure out how to an even faster Travels here on the Radiant side. And if you can’t get the same fast BoT timings as me, then it’s just about practice. I mean I have done this for almost 3 years now, so I have a lot of practice. But if you do beat my timings which I promise you is very possible, or if you do some other creative stuff in the jungle on an entirely different hero or if you use one of my jungle strats in a real game, then send me the ID to [email protected] or write the ID as a comment to one of my videos. Or you can fraps it yourself and send it to me. Then I will make a video based on the replay you send me and upload it here on my channel.

If you want to know more about the Items, skills and pros and cons of jungling a Tinker and all that, I invite you to check out part 1 where I talk a lot more about this stuff. If you are having trouble with this highground jungle technique on the Dire side in Reborn then you can check out my Tinker Speedrun where I explain in detail exactly how I do this jungling and how to deal with the new slightly more angry creeps in Dota 2 Reborn. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, you can subscribe by clicking here. Thank you all so I much for watching. See you in a few weeks for the next hero which will be Leshrac Beastmaster or Dark Seer. Haven’t decided yet. Anyway thanks for watching, CYA GUYS!!!.

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