Hello my name is Boneless and welcome to part 1 of my Tinker jungling guide. First Ill show you how to get BoT in 7 minutes on top of Quelling Blade and Bottle and then Ill show you how to get an even faster BoT in less than 6 minutes where you borrow a bottle from a team mate. Tinker jungling has been attempted before but it has never been done using this highground jungle technique so it has never really been fast enough. But maybe now Tinker jungling will actually be viable as Im about to show you how to get BoT so fast that you can actually justify running Tinker as a greedy jungler. Im really excited to show you what I’ve come up with, let’s get into it. You want to start off by stacking the two medium camps at the same time. So here you see I hold my attack for just a moment because I want to pull the rune camp at 43, because then when they run back to their camp I can pull them again from all the way up here.

So pull the rune camp at 53 and the other medium camp at 55. And then after the camps have been stacked pull the rune camp again so you are sure March will hit them for maximum damage. Cast your March of the Machines at while you are standing right here so this way the March will hit both medium camps. Remember to place the March in this direction so it is hitting the creeps from the side because this way the March will do a lot more damage. Now Im rightclicking the creeps which got the highest amount of hp left because this way I’m setting up the rune camp in such a way so everything will die when I throw down the second March which I will do at 1:40. So now Im gonna pull the runecamp and do a second march here at at the exact spot as I did before. If the rune camp is cleared you can now go stack the hard camp plus the medium camp. The projectile should hit the hard camp at 53 and the other medium camp at 55.

And try as best you can not to get hit by the trolls and the ranged satyrs. If the trolls get too many hits on you they will run back to their camp early which means you might fail the stack. And then you should return to rightclick the new runecamp from this highground area up here. And from now on you want to stack the rune camp + medium camp every minute and in-between that, farm the rune camp again and again. This is the fastest way you can jungle which these type of heroes that relies on stacking. When you are certain you don’t face ranged satyrs in the rune camp you can use your clarity. And of cause be careful not to get your clarity cancelled. At around the 3 minute mark you should have the bottle ready which is convenient because now you can use the flying courier to bottlecrow. If you wanna get the superfast BoT you will need to bottlecrow a few times. This might be inconvenient if your midlane also needs to bottlecrow.

Alternatively you can bring out afew more clarities with your bottle but it will delay you BoT timing abit. The other option is soulring but I wouldn’t do that because trading away your life for mana makes you an easy victim in case you get ganked. If they gank you its much better to have full HP and 3 bottle charges than it is to have 40% HP and a soulring. What you could do it to put a hero on the midlane who doesn’t need to bottlecrow constantly.

So like for example if you get Viper or Invoker for midlane then you can bottlecrow a lot more. When you have a little break like I have here you can use it to rightclick potential golems in the other medium camp and also right about now you should think about cutting down these trees here. The two trees up here should be cut down so you are more likely to successfully pull off the 6 and the 7 minute stack on the hardcamp.

And these trees here should be cut down so you can still do the double stacking by going north after all the other trees have respawned. I skill March of the Machines on level 1, 3 and 5. And the other two skillpoints I hold for later. Holding on to these two skill points is important because depending on the situation, you might need laser or you might need Heat-seeking Missiles. It depends. In some cases you might want to put a 4rth level into March if that last bit of damage will help you to get the BoT completed. But mostly you want to leave your march on level 3 so you can get your level 4 Heat-seeking Missiles up around the same time you complete your travels preferably by level 8.

And from here you can max Laser and pick up more levels in rearm as you get mana to support it. In rare cases when I know I just cannot get anywhere close to the enemy team without dying, I might skill stats instead of laser or leave laser at level 1. I only might do this if I plan to rush a Hex or a Dagon. The extra points in stats give me more mana which allows me to get my combo off more times. Because the range of Heat-seeking Missile, Hex and a high level Dagon is a lot better than the range of laser not to mention that Laser got a long cast animation. So building Tinker this way allow you to do a lot of damage from a safe distance which may be the way to go when you just can’t stay alive in the fights.

Now I’ll stack the two camps one more time and then I’m gonna clear it with my level 3 March and Rearm. If possible try to have a lot of mana at this point because with full mana and some bottle charges you can March, Rearm, March, Rearm, March which clears everything. If you don’t have mana for everything you can just wait for your March to cooldown and then you can clear everything. And notice that I’m placing the March in such a way that it’s also killing the medium camp stack. At this point I’ve sent the Quelling blade back with the courier and sold it.

And now in less than 7 minutes I’m level 8 and I’m only 100 gold short of my Travels. Those of you who play a lot of tinker on the mid lane know that the average BoT timing on top of bottle Soulring is around 11 minutes if you’re having descent good game. If you get ganked a lot it might be 13-14 minutes, and if you’re having a really good time on midlane it might be 9 minutes. The BoT timing is really important because Tinker’s weakest point of the game is just before he complete his Travels. You are always really scared around the 10 minute mark when the laning stage breaks up and the enemy wants to gank you because they want to delay your BoT. So I thought it would really interesting to theory craft and find the fastest way possible Tinker can complete his BoT.

Because the thing is it’s a lot easier to farm everything else once you have the Travels. So what if you, as a pocket strat, have a hero lend Tinker a bottle so he can finish his BoT around the 6 minute mark before the laning stage is even over? Lending a bottle is really strange yes I know. This is just me thinking outside the box trying to theorycraft options some options. I mean In TI5 Puppey bought 3 bottles on his Chen and gave them to his team mates on Secret. It’s not always a bad thing to think outside the box. I’m not saying this is something you should do every time you jungle a Tinker. In fact I think you should only do this if your game plan is to get BoT on Tinker as fast as humanly possible because either you are really scared of Tinker losing his jungle before he completes it, or you want the BoT on Tinker as fast as possible, because this allow you to immediately put immense pressure on the enemy lanes with a Tinker who is constantly ganking, and just spamming level four Heat-seeking Missiles on the enemy lanes to disrupt their farming.

And keep in mind a couple of high level Rockets 6 minutes into the game pretty much kills a hero. It does so much damage. So if you are not killing them, you are forcing them away from the lane. So for example the enemy teams safe lane hardcarry who is not at all done farming at this point he just can’t farm on the safelane anymore because of the constant rocket spamming. So if this end up being the case then your team has a huge advantage, and it would have proven to be a good investment to lend Tinker a bottle. And I do mean lend btw because as soon as Tinker got his BoT ready he should farm his own Bottle or Soulring and give the Bottle back to the guy he borrowed it from.

If you run into golems and you do have your level 2 March ready, then it’s actually possible to kill them in time to stack the hardcamp and the medium camp the minute after. But this is gonna take some practice because every single rightclick counts. If you get golems in the very first rune camp at the 30 second mark, its actually also fine, because you got an extra 30 seconds to rightclick them.

But if you get mud golems at the 1 minute mark or the 2 minute mark in the rune camp then you won’t have time to kill them because you don’t have your level 3 March yet. If this is the case you simply stack the 2 medium camps at the same time again like you saw I did in the beginning by pulling at 43 and then 53 and then the next minute you will have time to deal with it because Golems can’t spawn there two times in a row.

It will not slow down your immediate jungle speed at all by doing it this way. The only consequence will be that you stack the 2 medium camps instead of the medium camp plus hardcamp which in the end will mean you have 1 less stack in the hardcamp. I hope that made sense. Bottom line, no matter what creeps you get it’s possible to reach your level 7 at 6 minutes, if you don’t make mistakes and if you don’t get interupted. In this game I forgot to cut down these trees over here. So here at the 5 minute stack I failed the hardcamp stack.

I mean sometimes it will stack sometimes it won’t, but cutting down the two trees over there really improves your chances. This time I’m choosing to rightclick the last few creeps here in the medium camp in order to get my level 6 so I clear the rest of the hardcamp with March Rearm. You can do other weird things to speed up your jungling by the way. You can put a clockwerk on the offlane, who just keeps spamming rockets onto the medium camp to make you level faster.

And it kinda fits right because by the time Clockwerk gets his level 6 and wants to start ganking Tinker will have Travels ready and can take over the defence of the offlane T1 tower. So Travels and level 7 in less than 6 minutes. I give you my biggest pub stomping strat. And this can be done even faster. I mean this time I did miss a stack, I did mess up with the courier a little bit. And who knows, maybe if you get all the Bounty Runes and put the 2 spare points in Stats and play absolutely flawlessly, then maybe you can get your travels in less than 5 minutes.

If you want to you can actually stack all three camps at the same time by using a March of the Machines. This is something I call delayed stacking which is not something I’m gonna go into today. However, when I tested it I found that it’s actually not even worth it to stack 3 camps at the same time with Tinker. You want to use your march to kill creeps, not stack camps. You’ll have plenty of stacks to work with as it is. As you may have noticed I’m getting the Boots before the Bottle and the reason I do this is that I want to make sure that I can pull off the double stacks because the thing is, Keeper of the Light is the perfect hero to pull off the double stacks. He got good movement speed, nice animations and a long attack range. Tinker also got nice movement speed, nice animations but his attack range is a bit short. So to compensate I need the early Boots to make sure I won’t fail the double stacks. Besides you don’t really need the early mana anyway.

It takes few minutes actually to run out of mana when you are farming with March. And off cause it’s easier to escape early ganks with Boots of Speed. All tinkers should have a Soulring, the value you get from that item is so damn insane but when I jungle tinker I prefer to go Quelling Blade into Boots into bottle into BoT. Like I said I’ve tried with the Soulring, it works fine but your HP is just too low in case you get ganked. The moment you get BoT you want to start ganking, and you don’t even need a Soulring to do this to be honest. 9 out of 10 times early ganking with a Tinker is all about getting your level 4 Heat-seeking Missiles and then join up with your team then throw down Rocket Rearm Rocket and then TP back to base. You will have enough mana to do this even without Soulring. After my bottle BoT, I get a Soulring and then a Blink Dagger. And this is my standard opening on a tinker. I do this every game.

After the nerf to Ethereal Blade the max Dagon Ethereal Blade has gone out of fashion. It’s still strong but nowadays most Tinkers including myself prefer the old school Bloodstone into Dagon or Hex buildup. But is all depends right, sometime you want the Bloodstone first, sometimes you want the Dagon first and sometimes you want to pick up an early Ghost Scepter to protect yourself from heavy physical damage. If you’re lazy and don’t like to shiftkey your lategame Blink Hex Ethereal Blade Dagon, then stuff like Bloodstone Hex Shivas Manta is a really strong lategame build. It allows you to have a more aggressive positioning because you’re tanky and Tinker can actually do a surprising amount of rightclick damage with this build. These are just the best Tinker items. In which way you put them together entirely depends on the game. Once in a while I go for a lategame BKB. I know some Tinkers would never do this but in some cases I find it really useful. And no you cannot rearm your BKB. If my team is behind and I’m defending high ground I might go for Scepter. In super-lategame I might have a Scepter as a 7th item for when they are pushing which I will then switch around with a Manta for example when my team is pushing.

Like I said before it’s important to save your skill points until you know what you are gonna need. In most situations you would want to have the high levels in Heat-seeking Missiles as soon as possible but in some situations the Laser can also be really important because of the miss change. So here for example I realize that I can help Lina to get a kill in the midlane so I level up my Heat-seeking Missiles right away and launch it. This is why I think Tinker is better in the jungle than he is on the midlane. Early on he can participate in ganks on top lane and midlane with a long range Rocket and you don’t even have to fully commit nor lose any of your jungling speed. Just communicate with your team and be in position to throw down a long range Rocket at the right time. If you hold your mouse over the Rocket skill you can see exactly how long the range of the rocket is.

I use this a lot when I play Tinker. Here is an example where I level up the Laser as I see an opportunity to kill the Twin-headed Dragon who just ganked the shadow fiend on mid lane. I know the Laser animation is shorter than the Ice Path animation so I’m baiting him to the point where he thinks he can kill me with the Double Damage-rune. So you see if I had just put all my levels in March and Heat-seeking Missiles, this kill would not have been possible. Tinker jungle is in my opinion great in Pub Games. On average I get my BoT between 8 and 10 minutes. And I mean without the free bottle shenanigans. Once in a while I get it faster than 8 minutes and once in a while I get it later than 10 minutes, primarily if I’m against something annoying like a roaming Pudge who just keeps stalking me and my team deem it wisest that I deal with him alone without getting help.

Or if I’m against Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter is the one hero you don’t want to face. Tinker jungling can work in a team games if you pick him in the right draft. If it was me drafting a captains mode game I would approach it like this: Does Tinker fit out own draft? Are there any counters to Tinker? Storm Nyx heroes with flying vision and catch potential can be quite annoying. And if we chose to put Tinker in the jungle, can we trick the opponent into a bad mid match up? And most importantly, can we handle the enemy support duo earlygame? Will their team be able to gain supremacy of our jungle within the first 10 minutes of the game before Tinker gets the BoT online or will we be able to fight them off? Do we have push/antipush? Tinker is pretty much the best hero in the game in terms of antipushing and defending highground.

Finally of course you need to realize that Tinker takes a lot of farm on the map. It’s very unusual to have a jungler who soaks up a big portion of the map come mid- to lategame so be careful not to pick up to many farming heroes. Tinker got a lot of potential in the pocket strat department. There are so many funny pocket strats you can do with Tinker. So having the option of putting him in in the jungle can prove quite useful.

What are the pros and cons of jungling a Tinker? Allow me here to compare Tinker jungle to Tinker midlane to paint you guys a picture. Putting Tinker in the jungle is of course a big surprise factor. My channel hasn’t had that much exposure as of yet, so doing this highground technique and getting the superfast travels in the jungle will catch a lot of people by surprise. The thing is on the midlane you probably want a Null Talisman, for lasthitting, a Stick is usually a good idea and you want the Bottle, maybe a Soulring and then you get your BoT’s. In the jungle you just need a Quelling Blade and bottlecrow and that’s it. And if you put Tinker in the jungle you can get a bunch of levels on the hero you would otherwise have thought of as the position 4 support hero.

Or even better you can put a hero on the midlane who is a lot better ganker than Tinker is. Because let’s face it Tinker on mid lane is not the best ganker. You can only really roam with a TP-scroll. Yes you might see a Tinker occasionally picking up a Haste Rune and getting a double kill somewhere, but more often than not it’s just too dangerous to go for runes with Tinker. At least you’ll need your supports to help you secure the rune. I would say that a jungle Tinker is actually better at participating in ganks because that rocket out of nowhere is unexpected. The reason you pick up Tinker really is because you want to place him on the midlane or on the safelane where his sole purpose is to dominate the lane and lasthit creeps so he can get that BoT online as soon as possible. So since the point is to just afk farm with Tinker until you get BoT then why not just put him in the jungle? However, Tinker is a great lane controller and does well in a lot of mid matchup which you will of cause miss out on if you put him in the jungle.

But then again to be a good lane dominator you’ll need 2 levels in Laser. In the jungle you don’t have to put anything in Laser. And I think it is really important to get that max level Heat-seeking Missiles up and running as soon as possible, so the moment you get your Travels you can make that surprise gank on the enemy core hero with level 4 Rocket Rearm Rocket just like you saw I did before against the Phantom Assassin. The first thing you learn about Dota is that if the enemy team got a Tinker and that Tinker is free-farming, then you’re gonna have a bad time. The most vulnerable time for Tinker is just before he gets his BoTs. And good players knows this and they will try to gank you. This is why you need to get the BoT as fast as humanly possible. If you die right after you completed the BoT, you don’t really care. But if you die right before you get your Travels you’re really sad. So the big downside about Tinker jungle is that if you are really far behind early you are in danger. Yes you can say the same about all junglers, you can say the same about Tinker on the midlane, if you get constantly ganked in the midlane youre also screwed.

But what I mean is like if the enemy team puts serious effort into shutting you down in the jungle and your team is falling behind so they can’t really help you to contest the jungle, then it can be really hard to get that last 500 gold you need and then it might be better to just lasthit creeps under the tower to complete the Travels. So this is the big risk you take by jungling Tinker.

You might end up slowing your team down a little bit if your team is really far behind, and you end up rotating one of your other cores because you need the safe farm to complete the Travels. The good news is you are somewhat able to defend yourself from ganks, you got extra skill points saved up in case you need to pick up Laser. With early boots on Tinker you are faster than most heroes at this point of the game. You are always at max HP and you might even have a bottle charge to boot. And finally if you do manage to juke in the trees, the turnaround potential is great because March of the Machines does a huge amount of damage in the earlygame.

So compared with KOTL or Necrophos it is a little bit harder to gank Tinker. That being said, you don’t have an escape Mechanism, you don’t have summons so if the enemy team smoke gank you then you are in trouble. Tinker offers pretty much the same no matter if you jungle him or put him mid. So ultimately what it all comes down to is this: Do you need a second support hero, a position 4 hero who can get some smoke ganks going and help out the lanes in the earlygame? If this is the case you put Tinker on the midlane. But if you feel like you can lastpick a strong midlaner who is a hell of a lot better at ganking than Tinker is and can help you get through the earlygame this way, then you can put the Tinker in the jungle and get huge value and a lot of levels on all your heroes.

Tinker is not much of a ganker in the midlane but if you jungle him this way he can be a really fast jungle farmer. So if the draft allows it I would put Tinker in the jungle definitely. And by all means, you don’t have to give him a Bottle. It’s just an idea. This highground jungle technique is really difficult to use to its fullest potential so you will need lobbygame practice before you try this out. Your pub team is only gonna like you if you know what you are doing and you can get the Travels fast in like less then 10-11 minutes. On a scale from 1-10 where 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest to execute jungling I would give this a 7 just like the KOTL. It’s very difficult to pull off so this does require lobby game practice before you do it in a real game. Will Tinker jungle ever see play in a pro game? If the right people watch this video and decide to give it a try in a pro-game and have success with it then who knows, maybe this could be the thing that brings back Tinker into the meta occasionally.

That would be awesome but I think the much more realistic scenario is that this is probably not gonna happen. I think Tinker jungling is still too weird of a notion for the pros to do this consistently in pro games, and there is this risk involved that if you lose your jungle completely earlygame then you might have to occupy one of the other lanes and it might get a bit messy. But in the right draft I believe Tinker jungling can work even on a pro level. In any case it’s a lot of fun to do in pub games. I’ve had a lot of success with this and I’m sure a lot of you guys will too.

Thanks for watching, subscribe by clicking here, find me on Facebook, twitter and see you soon for part 2 where I will show you how to jungle Tinker on the Radiant side. Take care guys!!!!!!!!!!.

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