Hey guys, Blinks here, and this is how you play anti-mage. Anti-mage is an agility-based melee carry. His Q passively adds mana burn to his auto attacks. His W is long-range blink. His E passively increases his resistance to magic-damage. and his Ultimate is a single-target nuke that does damage based on how much mana the target is missing. Anti-mage is a weak hero early-game but one of the strongest heroes late game. Focus on farming until you get a battlefury, and then start farming your jungle and lanes simultaneously. Your goal early-game is to get a quick battlefury, and then build into a manta-style. Use your extreme mobility to split push, farm multiple lanes simultaneously, and to keep the enemy-team scattered. Anti-mages skills seem relatively simple, but actually have a bit of complexity to them. Remember that you can get away from snares like Puck’s ultimate and Slark’s Pounce by using blink. Also, remember that Anti-Mage’s ultimate not only damages but also mini-stuns, so use it to cancel TP’s or channeling spells like Sand King’s or Witch Doctor’s Ultimate.

Once you are ready to teamfight, remember that until you build a heart or a butterfly, you are still a very squishy hero, and you need to be careful. Try to focus heroes that have disables or stuns to deplete them of mana and make them incapable of cc’ing you. Once you get a sense of what heroes you need to focus, you will become virtually unstoppable, as anti-mage is one of the hardest carries in the game. When leveling anti-mage, put 1 point into each spell, and then prioritize R > Q > W > E. As far as items go, rush a battlefury as fast as possible, and then build power treads and manta-style. End-game options include Heart, Butterfly, BKB, Abyssal Blade, or MKB.

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