Hey Guys SmallKiwi again and this is a quick guide to lane pulling with neutral creeps. Its often times beneficial to stop a friendly creep wave from progressing down the lane. It can prevent the enemy heroes from gaining experience and gold, and can add to the total gold and experience you and your lane partner can farm. To Lane Pull, you�ll want to have already stacked this creep camp, depending on which team you�re on. The technique can be used without a creep stack, however, you will not fully deny your own creeps, and will miss out on a lot of extra gold and xp, so try to stack the camp first. Once ready, simply wait next to the camp until your own creep wave is about 4 seconds from the clearing, then attack the neutral creeps and run into the lane. This will pull the friendly creeps to the camp, where they will fight the neutrals. Be sure to last hit as many creeps as you can, both to earn gold, and deny the enemy team of xp.

This technique can be used multiple times throughout the lane phase, however, just be sure to watch the lanes – enemies are likely to catch on quick, and attempt to gank. Thanks for watching our 60 second guide to Neutral creep Lane Pulling. If you found this quick guide helpful then be sure to subscribe to us here at Pay2Lose gaming and hit the like button below. We regularly release DotA 2 videos on all the heroes and concepts in the game, so check back often. You can click any of the video thumbnails to check out other guides, or leave a comment below letting us know what heroes you like to creep stack on, or what hero or concept we should tackle next.

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