Hey my name is SmallKiwi and this is how you play Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter is an agility based melee semi-carry who excels at ganking. His Q is a ranged nuke with a mini stun. His W is a passive guaranteed crit on a cooldown. His E gives self invisibility and bonus damage on attack, and his ultimate is a single target debuff that grants bonus gold on kills and bonus movement speed to nearby allies. During the laning phase, Bounty Hunter can use his E to indirectly zone his enemies, or to stay out of harm’s way. Use it to try to set up gank opportunities with a lane mate.

Succeed or fail, your enemies will be forced to back off when you stealth and u can Use this to starve them of XP. Once you hit level 6 use your ultimate early and often. This will break your stealth but it grants big gold bonuses when you or your teammates get the kill. If you’re playing against heroes who can stealth, try to mark them first – this will prevent them from going invisible and can lead to a lot of kills.

Bounty Hunter’s Q does good damage and is great for finishing off enemies. When preparing to gank, approach in stealth, and wait until the cooldown on your E is almost up before initiating. Burst down enemies, and make sure to hit them with your ultimate before killing them, or when they try to run. Put your first point into Bounty Hunter’s E, max out his W first, and put a point in his Q at level 4. For items, take the recommended starting items, and build power treads as soon as possible. Build a battle fury for regen and truly stellar farm capability, then consider a Vladmir’s Offering and either a Desalator or an Assault Cuirass.

As found on Youtube