Hey Guys, Blinks again, and this guide is about Chaos Knight Chaos Knight is a strength-based melee carry. His Q is a randomized single-target stun. His W Teleports him and any of his illusions to a random point between Chaos Knight and a target enemy. His E Passively gives him critical strike chance, and his Ultimate creates illusions that deal 100% of his damage but take 200% damage from enemies. Chaos knight requires a lot of farm early-game to be effective, but if you’re able to farm well, you’ll start to snowball once you hit level 12-13. Remember that early game, you have very low intellegence, so use your skills wisely and only go for a kill when you’re sure you’ll get it. Chaos knight can be very weak early game if he doesn’t have enough mana to use his abilities.

Remember that your W has a longer range than your Q, so you’ll want to cast it before casting your Q to maximize the damage you deal to enemies. This combo will almost always lead to a kill on an enemy support hero, but because of the randomization involved with these skills, it’s best to have another hero with you while going for kills to maximize your chances of getting a successful kill. Late-game, remember that you are strongest when your illusions are up, and remember to cast your Ultimate before casting your W so your illusions will also get teleported to your target. Additionally, always remember to active Armlet before casting your ultimate, as your illusions will get the stat bonus from it but not the health drain. When leveling chaos knight, prioritize Q > W > R > E. As far as items go, your core should consist of power treads, drums, and armlet.

Once you have these, a bkb will make you virtually unstoppable in teamfights. If you still haven’t won after building your core, end-game options include Manta Style, Heart, AC, or Satanic. As always, click the link in the description to use this guide in-game..

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