Hey guys SmallKiwi here and today I am going to teach you about Neutral Creep Stacking. Creep camps in DotA2 respawn every minute, starting at the one minute mark, so long as there is nothing within proximity of the camp that would prevent the spawn. What this means is that its possible to double or triple stack a camp full of creeps simply by pulling the creeps out of range at the right time. In general you will want to be right next to the camp at the 50 second mark, then at about 52 or 53 seconds, attack a creep, and run in a direction that will lead the creeps away from the camp. If you�ve timed it correctly, all the creeps will be out of the immediate proximity of the camp at the minute mark, and a new group will spawn. You can now efficently farm using multi target abilities such as Juggernaut�s Blade Fury, Luna�s Moon Glaive, or Axe�s Counter Helix. Stacked creep camps can also be used to Neutral Lane Pull, check out this video for a 60 second tutorial on that technique.

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