Hey guys, welcome to another 60 second guide for dota 2. This time we’re going to be taking a look at Dark Seer. Dark seer is an intellegence based melee-support. His Q is a vaccum that pulls units towards a target area and does damage to them. His W is a single-target buff that causes a unit to do AoE damage. His E is a buff that briefly maximizes a unit’s movespeed, and his Ultimate is a wall that creates clones of enemy heroes that pass through it.

Dark seer is one of the strongest offlane heroes in-game, and can be played effectively even in a 1v3 situation. When the game starts, make sure to E your first creep ahead of your other ones, so that it runs into the enemy tower, and your lane pushes towards your tower. Early game, keep putting your W on friendly creeps, and stay just inside of exp. range to farm with maximum safety. Mid-game is where Dark seer really starts to shine. Remember to always save your surge to help either you or an ally escape, and remember to cast ion shell on allied melee heroes.

Once you get your ultimate, use your Q to pull enemies through your wall to allow you to get as many clones as possible. If you can combo this with your W effectively, you will decimate the enemy team. Dark seer is a very strong late-game hero because of his scaling ultimate. If the enemy team has a very fed carry, concentrate on putting up your ultimate, and then vaccuming that carry through the wall, so that you get a clone of that carry.

Remember to keep saving your surge for times you need to escape, and Try to work on positioning your wall for maximum effectiveness. When leveling Dark Seer, prioritize W > Q > R > E while getting one point into E at level 1. As far as items go, grab the starting items and get a soul ring as fast as possible. Once you have that build your core of mana boots and mekanism. End-game items are entirely situational, but generally good items are Scythe of Vise, Pipe of Insight, Shiva’s, Aghanim’s, or Refresher Orb..

As found on Youtube