Hello my name is Blinks and this is how you play Drow Ranger. Drow is an agility based ranged carry. Her Q is a Slowing Orb Effect, her W, a ranged AOE silence, her E Gives her and all allied heroes a bonus to their ranged damage, and her Ultimate gives her passive bonus agility. The most important aspect of drow is to effectively farm early game. If you can get a significant farm advantage or a first blood your chances of winning the game increase dramatically.

Remember not to auto-attack and just last-hit creeps so your lane doesn’t get pushed into the enemy tower. The most difficult aspect of playing drow is right-clicking, so make sure that you have your middle finger warmed up before you play her. When right-clicking an enemy hero, toggle your Q ability to auto-cast (default Alt + Q) to slow them so they can’t run away from your right-clicks. Use drow’s AOE silence on enemies when they are stacked up or if they have abilities that let them escape your slow (like Weaver’s Shukuchi or Phantom Lancer’s Doppelwalk). Early game, you want to prioritize putting points into your E to make last hitting easier. Put 1 point in Q at level 2 and 1 point in W at level 4 in case of early gank opportunities. Putting points into your ultimate everytime you can, max your E, then your Q, and finally your W. As far as items go, Remember to always get a shadowblade, and build into a deadalus or a manta-style afterwards.

Good luck and Happy Right-clicking..

As found on Youtube