Hey Guys, Its Blinks, and this is how you play Jakiro Jakiro is an intellegence based ranged-support. His Q is an aoe ability that slows and damages in a line. His W is a delayed aoe stun that stuns in a line. His E is a passive that gives his attacks extra damage & attack speed slow every time it is off cooldown, and his Ultimate does massive aoe damage over time in a line in front of him Jakiro has excellent presence early game, and can often get kills no matter what hero he is paired with. Combo his W with other snares / stuns on your team for maximum effectiveness, and don’t forget that you can use it to zone out enemy players or trap them in an area if you want to prevent them from running away. Once the game transitions out of the laning phase, try to take fights in the jungle or in the river, as the narrow pathways will let you use your abilities to their maximum effectiveness. Never initiate with your ultimate, and try to cast it once a fight is already going, so enemy heroes spend as much time inside of it as possible.

End-game, Jakiro’s usefullness tapers off massively, but his W can still be very useful for trapping enemy heroes and his passive is great for slowing the attack speed of enemy carries. If you’re doing well, consider saving up for a Scythe of Vyse, since you really don’t need any other items once you have your core. When leveling Jakiro, prioritize W > Q > R > E. For Items, get a ring of basilius to help out with mana regen, and then grab arcane boots. Once you build your mekanism, concentrate on buying observer and sentry wards to establish map control and deward the enemy team.

End game Options include Eul’s Scepter, Scythe of Vyse, Aghanims Scepter, Pipe of Insight, or Shiva’s..

As found on Youtube