Hello my name is SmallKiwi and this is how you play Juggernaut. Juggernaut is an agility based melee carry. His Q does AOE Damage for the duration, his W, a movable AOE Heal, His E Gives him passive crit chance, and his Ultimate is a multi-target nuke. When laning, he is best paired with a hero possessing a stun or slow as this will maximize damage dealt with his Q. Remember that while spinning, Juggernaut is immune to magic, so make use of this 5 seconds to abuse otherwise hard hitting magic users. When jungling, creep stacking will greatly improve the efficiency of your spins. Juggernauts Ultimate provides invulnerability for the duration and can be devastating on a single target, so its important to attack enemy heroes away from their allies and creeps to avoid splitting damage. Later in the game when its duration is longer the ultimate can be used to avoid heavy damage and kill multiple enemies. Once you unlock his healing ward you can farm jungle very effectively without pause. Use of the ward in team fights or during long slugfests and tower kills will significantly increase Juggernaut’s longevity, and it can be used to effectively heal allies by selecting it and right clicking a friendly.

Its a good idea to max Juggernaut’s Q first, followed by his E. If you are finding yourself low on health quite often, you could consider putting a single point in W at level 4 or 7, otherwise put it off until you’ve maxed E. Take Juggernaut’s recommended starting items, and rush Phase Boots and a battle fury. Juggernaut’s passive scales fairly well at high level, so consider a Desolator, Sange and Yasha, and a Vladmirs Offering as part of your endgame build. Thanks for watching this 60 second guide for DotA 2. You can click any of the video thumbnails to check out our other guides, featuring DotA2 heroes and concepts. Don’t forget to subscribe to us here at Pay2Lose gaming, like the video if you found it helpful and post a comment below if you have any questions or requests for future guides.

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