Hey, I’m Blinks, and this is how you Jungle with Lifestealer. Lifestealer is a strength-based melee carry. His Q is a buff which gives him magic immunity and increased attack speed, his W is a passive life steal, his E is a debuff that slows an enemy unit and gives lifesteal to friendly heroes attacking it, and his Ultimate is an AoE infestation that gives lifestealer health if used on a creep. When starting off your jungle, start at the easy camp, and once you kill it at around 55 seconds, leave the camp so the creeps respawn and come back and kill it again. After that, cycle between the easy and medium camps until level 5, at which point you can start tackling the hard camps. Make sure your team gets a courrier and buy gloves of haste as fast as possible, as they will significantly speed up your jungling. When you have a hand of midas, make sure to use it on the big creeps in the hard camps for maximum experience gain.

Use it whenever it’s off cooldown, avoid teamfights, and continue farming lanes / the jungle until you have an armlet. Once you get it, start participating in team fights and with a little bit of teamwork you should be unstoppable. Remember to try to predict when an enemy will use a stun or cc and use your Q to avoid it. your Q is essentially a free BKB so make sure you use it wisely. When teamfighting, try to fight around creeps, as they can provide you with a quick escape mechanism or health regen if you use your ultimate on one when you get low. Remember that your strength late-game is entirely dependant on your jungle farm early-game, so make sure you focus on farming, and not ganking or teamfighting. When leveling Lifestealer, Prioritize R > W > Q > E while putting one point into E at level 4. Start off with a Quelling Blade, Stout Shield, and Tango’s, and then skip your boots to get a hand of midas as fast as possible.

After you get your armlet, you should start to dominate teamfights. Use that farm to build a Mjollnir and keep static shield on you as much as possible. End game options include Heart, AC, Abyssal blade, Desolator, and Monkey King Bar..

As found on Youtube