Hey guys, I’m Blinks, and this is how you Lane with Axe. Axe is a strength-based melee initiator. His Q is an AoE taunt that forces enemies around him to attack Axe. His W is a single target DoT that does damage until it expires or until the afflicted hero kills a unit. His E is a passive that gives him the ability to do an aoe attack on being attacked, and his Ultimate is a devastating single-target nuke insta-kills enemies if they are below a certain health percentage. While Axe can be an effective jungle hero, his W gives him amazing lane presence, and can be used to easily outlane your opponents.

After farming your Tranquil boots and Soul ring, use these items in tandem with your W to harrass your opponents out of lane, and give yourself all the freefarm you want. Doing this will let you get your core items very quickly. Mid-game, you can either focus on ganking or initiating teamfights. Remember that your W gives increased movement speed to you and slows the enemy it is on, so always throw it on a hero you are trying to chase down.

Remember that even though you are tanky, you can die quickly if the enemy team decides to focus you down, so make sure your team is ready to follow up when you plan on blinking in and taunting. Remember that your Q taunt’s through BKB, and that your ultimate will kill enemies no matter what if they are below a certain health threshold, even if they have Dazzle’s shallow grave on them. If you find the enemy team is focusing you down a lot, grab a blademail to give them a taste of their own medicine, and activate it right as your initiating taunt is about to wear off. When leveling Axe, put one point into E at level 1, and one point into Q at level 4, while prioritizing R > W > E > Q. As far as items go, get tranquil boots as soon as you can, and follow that up with a soul ring. A blink dagger is essential, and a vanguard and hood of defiance will help you survive in teamfights longer. End-game options include BKB, Blademail, Heart, or Pipe of Insight.

As found on Youtube