Hello my name is SmallKiwi and this is how you play Lion. Lion is an intelligence based ranged support with a focus on crowd control and nukes. His Q is an AOE straight line stun, his W is a single target Hex, His E is a channeled mana drain, and his Ultimate is a single-target nuke. The range on Lion’s Q is slightly longer than the cast range, so target the ground in line with enemies to maximize range. By using Lion’s E often you will have plenty of mana to effectively zone your lane early on. Using it on enemy heroes will put them at a mana disadvantage and can sometimes bait them into attacking, so use it to setup gank opportunities. Lion’s W provides further crowd control and can allow you to safely land 2 or 3 additional auto attacks. Remember never to cast his W immediately after the Q lands- always wait until the stun wears off to maximize CC time. At level 6 Lion becomes even more dangerous thanks to his ultimate which can take a significant portion of any foe’s health.

Use it to get an early gank against opponents who might stay in lane with low health. In team fights try to line up your Q to hit multiple opponents and focus your Hex and Ultimate on dangerous carries or nukers and don’t be afraid to use E in combat to replenish and starve enemies. When selecting Lion’s skills, always max Q first and put a point in E at level 2 and a point in his W at level 4. Prioritize R over Q, and judge at level 8 whether you would benefit more from faster mana drain or a longer hex. Take Lion’s recommended starting items, including the courier unless a teammate purchased it, in which case consider taking extra iron branches.

If a teammate purchased the courier, be sure to fly it once you have enough gold. Mid game build Arcane boots and a Mechanism, and aim to buy a blink dagger, Aghanim’s scepter, Scythe of Vyse, and possibly a Dagon for end game. Thanks for watching this 60 second guide for DotA 2. You can click any of the video thumbnails to check out our other guides, featuring DotA2 heroes and concepts.

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