Hello my name is Smallkiwi and this how you play Nightstalker. Nightstalker is a strength based melee hero who is an excellent initiator thanks to his durability and speed. His Q is a slowing nuke, his W, a single target silence, His E Gives him passive movement and attack speed at night, and his Ultimate causes temporary night time that combos well with his passive. When laning, Nightstalker should take care to conserve health so that he is as strong as possible during the first night phase. By maximizing his E and putting points in Q, Nightstalker will be an extremely effective ganker at this time, and should drop out of lane to try and catch opponents off guard all over the map. Remember that Nightstalker is very durable and is a match for any equal level opponent during Night while in the early game. If used during night, Nightstalkers Ultimate extends the nighttime so remember to use it when available.

In the day it can be used for a boost when chasing down weak opponents or during important fights. His W will make spell casting opponents very easy to take on and lasts significantly longer at night. The most important point to remember is that Nightstalker is an extremely powerful character at night but weak during the day, however, thanks to his ultimate, taking him on at anytime is a risky prospect. Use this to your advantage when playing him by ganking or otherwise forcing enemies out of lane to give you and your teammates a big advantage. When picking skills, put your first point into Nightstalker’s Q, your next point in his W, and then maximize points in E. This will give you a lot of early game utility while turning Nightstalker into a godlike gankmachine when the first night falls. For items, prioritize boots by first night fall to chase down fleeing peasants and later in the game consider a Black King Bar to further increase his durability in team fights..

As found on Youtube