Hey, I’m Blinks, and this is how you play MAGNUS MAGNUS is a strength-based melee initiator. His Q is a nuke that does damage in a line, his W is a buff that gives him or allied heroes extra damage & cleave, his E is a charge that damages and slows enemies it collides with, and his Ultimate is an AoE vacuum that stuns and damages nearby enemies. Magnus is most effective when played mid, and can be played as either a semi-carry or a support. He is one of the stronger laners in the game, and if you can land a few Q’s on the enemy hero while laning, you should be able to kill them with an E + Q combo when they are low.

Magnuses ultimate is the reason he is one of the best heroes in the game. You HAVE to be able to land it in order to be effective in teamfights. Use your E to charge enemies and clump them up, or to charge to a place with clumped up enemies, to maximize the efficiency of your ultimate. Remember that you can be cc’d during and after your charge, so pop your ultimate as soon as you can after charging. When you know that a teamfight is going to happen soon, don’t forget to keep your W on yourself and your team’s carry at all times. This will significantly increase your team’s damage output, and the cleave can be devastating if you land a good ultimate and clump up the enemy team. When Leveling Magnus, Prioritize R > Q > E > W. Don’t put any points in W until level 10, as it does almost nothing at lower levels. As far as items go, grab the starting items above and rush a bottle as fast as soon as you can.

Try to get it before the 2-minute mark so you can establish rune-control and harass with your Q. After that build treads, and drums. Follow these up with a battlefury. BKB, Heart of Tarrasque, Deadalus, AC, and linken’s sphere are all great items for the end-game. Also, if you want to use this guide while playing, click the link in the description for a link to the in-game guide.

As found on Youtube