Hello my name is Blinks and this is how you play Sniper. Sniper is an agility based ranged carry. His Q is a ranged aoe slow/damager, his W gives him a chance to do bonus damage and mini-stun, his E passively gives him bonus-range, and his Ultimate is a super long-range nuke. Sniper is one of the easiest characters in the game. His fast attack-animation makes last-hitting a breeze, and his ultimate is great for picking off fleeing heroes. Sniper’s Q is only marginally useful at low-levels, and is generally not skilled until maxing his E and W first. Once you hit level 6, go help your team gank, and remember to conserve your mana so you always have 175 mana for your ultimate. The range on your ultimate is larger than the area of your screen so don’t be afraid to use it on a far-away enemy.

Remember to use it as a finisher rather than an initiator as this is the most effective way to use it. NEVER-EVER ultimate a hero that is within your attack range, as your auto-attacks will have much higher dps than your ultimate. When leveling Sniper, prioritize his R > W > E > Q. You can even delay maxing out his Q in favor of getting stats late-game, if you are hungry for health or mana.

Sniper does not have an escape mechanism, so a rush a shadowblade after boots to give you some survivability. After that, get a manta-style to increase your damage or a BKB if you are against a caster-heavy team..

As found on Youtube