Hi, My name is Blinks, and this is how you play Storm Spirit. Storm spirit is a ranged intelligence hero, that excels at picking off out-of-position enemy heroes. His Q is a static AoE Mine. His W is a leashing disable. His passive E gives him extra damage and snare after casting spells, and his ULTIMATE is a self-teleporting AoE Attack. Storm Spirit is a great mid-hero, and is a strong pick against just about any enemy mid. His Q combo’d with his passive let him clear creep waves quickly, and his W can secure kills on enemies that get out of position. Don’t forget to cast attack between spell-casts to maximize damage from your passive. Storm Spirit really shines in the mid-game. Comboing his Ultimate and W is a great for picking off fleeing heroes, and once you hit about 10 bloodstone charges, you will virtually never run out of mana.

Remember that while you are great at catching enemy heroes, you are very squishy, and can easily be killed if stunned or silenced. In the late game, try to wait for your team to initiate before going in on a fight. You absolutely CANNOT initiate with your ultimate until you have a bkb, and even then it can be risky. When team fighting, use your ball lightning to proc your passive as often as possible, as this will give your attacks extra damage and an aoe. This technique is one of the things that separates good Storm Spirits from bad ones, and can be devastating if used correctly. When leveling Storm spirit, put your first point into Q, your second point into E, and then max R > W > E > Q.

For Items, try to get a bottle before the two minute mark, and then grab a wand and mana boots. Your first big item is Bloodstone. Do NOT buy an energy booster while building it. Instead, buy every part but the energy booster, and then right click your boots to disassemble them and use that energy booster to complete bloodstone. If you have a lot of money, you can build travel boots, but otherwise build power treads instead. Late-game you NEED to have a bkb to be effective. Other good items are Linken’s Sphere, Orchid Malevolance, or a Scythe of Vise..

As found on Youtube