Hey it’s SmallKiwi and this is how you play support Wind Runner. Windrunner is a versatile character with lots of utility. Her Q is a multi target stun or single target mini stun, her W is a long range Nuke skillshot, her E grants move speed and evasion and slows nearby enemies and her Ultimate grants her a huge attack speed buff at the cost of damage reduction. Playing Windrunner as support means making ample use if her W to harass enemies, up until endgame, at which point the ability can be used to scout at range. Use it to keep enemies in your lane at low health and to soften targets before a team fight. It can also be used to initiate in the jungle as the arrow clears trees it passes through. Wind runners Q provides a long duration stun but the shackle effect will only apply if an enemy unit or nearby tree is behind your target. Use this spell ideally to stun 2 enemy heroes in a line. Don’t forget you can use your force staff to move enemies into position for a stun and easy gank.

Wind runners E can be used to both escape and chase but you can also use the evasion property to effectively tank towers or enemy heroes who are reliant on auto attacks. Always try to save enough mana to use it in a hairy situation. Wind runners ultimate can be used in conjunction with her E to kill these types of heroes, but the ability can also be used on enemy buildings to deal big damage quickly.

Playing Windrunner as support you should max her W first for early nukes, and put a point in E and Q at level 1 and 4. Hold off taking her ultimate until level 10, first maxing her Q and putting points in E along the way. Take Windrunner’s recommended starting items and get yourself some boots and a ring of basilius right away. No matter HOW you choose to build Windrunner you should always get a force staff, because it synergizes so well with her Shackleshot. Next get phase boots, a mekanism, and you can pick up Pipe of insight, Shiva’s Guard, or Scythe of Vyse at endgame.

If you find you are well fed, consider a Diffusal Blade and Aghanims Scepter. Don’t forget you can check the description below for an in-game version of this guide. Thanks for watching this 60 second guide for DotA 2. You can click any of the video thumbnails to check out our other guides, featuring DotA2 heroes and concepts. Don’t forget to subscribe to us here at Pay2Lose gaming, like the video if you found it helpful and post a comment below if you have any questions or requests for future guides..

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