Hey my name is SmallKiwi and this is how you play Tusk. Tusk is a strength based melee initiator that excels at trapping and picking off enemies. His Q is an AOE nuke which traps enemies, his W is gap closing multi-target ministun, his E is a moving glyph which lowers enemy movement and attack speed, and his ultimate is a heavily damaging melee range nuke with stun. Tusk excels in lane phase with just about any partner.

By initiating with W and rolling up nearby friendlies, Tusk can quickly close on enemies and stun them, making it easy to follow up with Q while a teammate lands plenty of damage. Try to pick off isolated enemies, or given the choice, target ranged enemies with your abilities – this will force melee heros to waste time running around the barricade if they choose to assist their ally. Tusk’s E can be used to escape or to prevent enemies from escaping, and can be used immediately after your W Q combo to buy more time.

Remember the ability during team fights as well, as it will significantly reduce the damage output of enemies. Tusk’s ultimate applies to his next auto-attack, and it does extra damage against enemies with less than 50% health. For skills, take either W or Q first, whichever you prefer, and you can start ganking effectively at level 2 when you unlock the other. Max Q first, followed by W. Get the recommended starting items and focus on getting a battle fury, urn of shadows and phase boots for the core of your build. Next build a shadow blade for better initiations and an escape option, and consider a Vanguard, Heart of Terrasque, Vladmir’s Offering or an Armlet of Mordiggian for end game..

As found on Youtube