Hey guys Smallkiwi here and this is how you play Weaver. Weaver is an agility based ranged carry. His Q is an AoE DoT that reduces armor and grants vision. His W is a stealthing unit walk that grants move speed and deals damage to enemies he passes through. His E is a passive double attack on a cooldown, and his ultimate is a 5 second rewind that affects his health and mana. Weaver’s primary ability is his W which he can use to initiate, chase or escape. It can be used to effectively harass and zone enemies in his lane early game, and can be used to avoid damage in the middle of a team fight. When ganking, make sure to time Weaver’s E so it will be off cooldown when you initiate and allow for more double attack opportunities if the fight lasts long enough. Remember to use weaver’s Q early in a team fight to weaken enemies throughout. Weaver’s ultimate restores both his health AND his mana, so you will potentially get the mana back if you cast it first and then subsequently use your ulti.

Thanks to this property, Weaver effectively has twice the health pool, so he can be a formidable opponent in one on one situations when its off cooldown. Max Weaver’s W first and put a point in his E at level 2 and Q at level 4, then prioritise R over W over E over Q. For items take tangoes, a salve, 3 iron branches and a circlet. The core of weavers build is power treads, a ring of aquila and a linken’s sphere, but if you can get really fed early game, get a Radiance before the Linkens Sphere. Good offensive options are Daedelus, MKB, desolator and butterfly and if you need more defense you could consider a BKB or Heart of Tarrasque.

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