Hey guys Smallkiwi again and this is how you play Witch Doctor. Witch Doctor is an intelligence based support. His Q is a bouncing nuke that stuns, his W is a toggleable short range aoe heal over time, his E is a small AoE debuff that deals extra damage based on damage dealt and his ultimate is a channeled ward that deals massive damage to enemies in range. Witch Doctor’s Q is best used versus 2 closely grouped enemy heroes or on a single enemy standing near a single creep as this will deal the maximum damage and stun to each.

Avoid casting it on single targets or when enemy heroes are standing near groups of enemy creeps. His Q can also be used to push down creep waves, and can even be cast as you are leaving a lane to earn gold in your absence. Early game Witch Doctor’s E can help secure ganks fairly quickly, so don’t neglect to cast it, just remember that its range is fairly short. His W can be used later in the game when pushing to help sustain allies’ health pools. Witch doctor’s ultimate is only effective if he can avoid being stunned for the duration and enemy heroes remain within range, so combo his ultimate with an effective Q to quickly burn down multiple opponents. Also remember that a BKB will protect witch doctor from many spells that would otherwise interrupt his ultimate. Max Witch Doctor’s Q first, and put points in his E at 2 and 4. Prioritize R over Q over E over W. At the start take 3 iron branches, a tango, and some clarities. Purchase either the courier or wards depending on your teammates. The core of witch doctors build are arcane boots, a wand, plus a mekansm and/or urn of shadows, again depending on your team’s composition.

Finally an Aghanim’s Scepter is an extremely powerful item for Witch Doctor, so build it as soon as possible. After your Scepter consider building a BKB if it would protect you from the enemy team’s stuns. A shadow blade will allow you to initiate ganks easily and provide an escape, and you could consider a necronomicon, eul’s scepter, shivas guard or scythe of vyse..

As found on Youtube