Hey SmallKiwi here and this is how you play Zeus. Zeus is an intelligence based ranged nuker. His Q is a multi-target low damage nuke. His W is a single target high damage nuke. His E is a passive that deals damage to enemies as he casts spells and his ultimate is a global nuke. Early game Zeus can be played either solo mid or in lane. His auto attack animation is extremely slow however, so to be effective at farming creeps you will wan’t to use his Q to take last hits.

This has the benefit of being longer range, and also zoning enemy heroes. Once you have a few points in Zeus’ W you will be an extremely effective ganker, able to take huge chunks of any enemies health bar with a single cast. To maximize damage output always open with your Q and follow up with W. This will give the short cooldown on Q a chance to cycle and allow for a third hit very quickly.

Zeus’ E allows him scale fairly well in late game because it deals a percentage of enemy health. You can use it to damage and reveal stealthed opponents, so if one is nearby be sure to cast your spells on the nearest target. When using his Ultimate, remember to try not to steal kills from carries and since it is global its possible to cast it immediately upon respawn for easy kills on fleeing enemies. Take a point in Q at level 1 and E at level 2 so you can farm effectively, then max W. Prioritize R over W over E over Q. For starting items get tangos and optionally a healing salve, and take 5 clarities plus a mantle. If you are left to purchase the courier, skip the mantle. The core of any Zeus build should be a bottle, Arcane Boots, an Aghanims Scepter and a Refresher orb. Rush the Scepter or Refresher orb after getting boots, whichever one you prefer. If you find the enemy team is focusing you heavily you could consider a shadowblade or a force staff for an escape mechanism.

If the game isn’t over after you have all this, consider a scythe of vise, black king bar or bloodstone. Be sure to check out the video description below for a link to the in-game build guide. Thanks for watching this 60 second guide for DotA 2. You can click any of the video thumbnails to check out our other guides, featuring DotA2 heroes and concepts. Don’t forget to subscribe to us here at Pay2Lose gaming, like the video if you found it helpful and post a comment below if you have any questions or requests for future guides..

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