Thanks to the original author HexOr authorized translation: Chinese Subtitle provided by Vizhi Jiang Hello everybody today brings you a video of how to use the shift key So today we explain shift from basic to advanced. First we look at the basic application of the shift key If you are a newcomer to the game then start with the basics Later we will talk about its advanced applications But before we start speaking, let’s talk about the usual ideas (hold down shift while using movement commands and/or skills/equipment) Basically when you hold down shift All the actions you make will be sorted You can use it to do most of the things you want to do (it can sort these actions with a green flag for every move) (We take a look at how to use it to make us an advantage) Let’s take an example of one that is often used and useful Pressing SHIFT while transmitting while moving will not let the transmission stop unexpectedly Instead, it will move immediately after the transfer is completed It can also be used to pick a rune (the same principle applies when capturing a rune) This will move you again without delay after you find the runes (Tell the messenger to take the bottle and hold the shift and use Q and E) If you don’t speak some combination of skills that shift often use then you can’t say you’re a shift guide For example, Sand King uses a jumping knife In fact it is easy to use and extremely efficient So I talked about the basics here.

Once you practice for a while, you’ll be comfortable with it. Now we move on to the advanced version of the second unit You can use the shift key to help you shop (hold down the shift key to set the move command twice so that your hero can leave quickly after entering the store area) Especially at the sidewalk shops and mystery shops (once you enter the area, you need to use quick purchase to purchase equipment) After entering the store and purchasing the equipment, they can leave immediately. This needs the right timing but it is really useful Here’s a quick example of two ways to use this method. You can quickly find something to buy (use different areas of the store to make the purchase faster) This example needs to be practiced well before you play the game (shift-tree-move command can quickly pass through the woods) But it’s really effective and can scare opponents and it also allows you to effectively avoid your opponents. (Using shift with your understanding of the map can be better dodge / chase) This example is similar to the previous example It allows you to be more flexible on the map You can also use it, but this is not a video to teach you to avoid.

So more things need to be discovered by you Well, GANK is really painful, but at least it proves that using the shift+ action after the humming class skills is a good way Here’s the shift+ command immediately after using the dismemberment so that my hero starts chasing the enemy immediately after dismembering the skill so the enemy has no chance to escape from my palm. Shift can be used in many situations so use it creatively (Shifting a skill from the spring, shifting a skill almost perfectly to harass/make up the knife) Some heroes may use the shit transfer method which is also a humming act Because you still have a few seconds of base BUFF duration when you send from the spring So why not use this feature? (When using humming skills, shift+ equipment and skills will be used immediately after singing) They will not cancel the animation ie they will activate immediately after the TP is over. Goblin tinkers often use this way But you can also use it with any hero Once you use it, you can use it with any skills or equipment.

Did you notice that I finally attacked with a thermal missile? Because it contains some animation effects and the role of the rocket is to cancel the animation (without canceling the animation effect) If you want to cancel the animation then you should pay attention to this (Cancel animation effect) The last thing to say in this video You can use the Force Staff to match this with you. This is a wonderful thing It’s really hard to use it in real games But if you succeed, it will give you a lot of energy. Today’s video game is here thanks for watching! Translation: Wooden News (Translated by Vizhi Jiang).

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