Hello Guys Here i want to show you how i usually do jungle Ok Lets..See what i should pick first Hm…. Anti-Mage should be good Ok.. So on First Camp You Must Cut this Tree And make sure you can go inside Like This Ya.. Just make sure your hero fit For this camp You must cut this one And the other camp You must cut this.. And… This So Lets see How this work Ok.. there are 3 of them But… with this trick, you will fight 1 by 1 And the other will just walking arround And watch Their Friend dead XD Like early scenes In this Video Ok.. For this one Go inside here And.. yeah Fight 1 by 1 For this one Go Inside where i show you before After several hits They will retreat and you must pull them again Blink..Blink..Blink..Blink..

And Blink.. I think i blink too close Yap.. Too close HEY CREEP Go back to your prison NOW (Giggle) I’m glad they obey me Yap.. Just walk here and… And his father will walking arround And… watch his son dead Ok right here You dont need cut any tree Walk inside here but dont too deep ok? DONT TOO DEEP Cause his friend can attack you So just in the..Surface And you good to go Ok..

This one is very special So.. Cut this tree first And the special thing is.. you can stack the creep in just last 3 seconds So if you forgot the time Or Dreaming.. or Bleh..Bleh..Bleh.. And you just realize in the last 3 seconds You still can stack the creep Here i will show you.. 4..5..6.. SEVEN Ok Run..Run..Run..Run.. And.. Yeah I did it They will just jogging arround forever You can also perform from here From this way, you make the shortcut So after you done this camp you can go here(Medium Camp) With the short Distance For this easy camp Cut this one And..Shit. It’s not melee creeps Ah… I will show you later For the radiant easy camp Cut this one And…AH..

Really?? REALLY?? Ah.. BRB (Be Right Back) Ok.. It has 2 melee creeps So.. Just walk arround here For this one It’s little Hard You must go arround here.. Ok he still can hit me You know what.. I usually just pull the creep (to Lane) And Farm you know I rarely use this trick So.. So hard to remember the spot Nah.. There it is Ok.. For the last camp you can see 2 ways Right..Up here and Down here Go to Down side Cut this one and.. this one Ok you have 2 options Pull them till here And you fight them alternately Or pull them just till here If you lucky.. You can pull the creep And got the bug like this i’ve tries 6 times And Success the bug 3 times So it’s 50-50 Ya.. Depends your luck (And your skill of course) Ok..

This just my tips If you are in win situations Please dont throw the game ok.. If you are farming neutral creeps In enemy areas Please I beg you please Dont kill the child one You know what why?? Cause It’s too VIOLENT you know (What??) (Giggle) Just kidding.. So the reason is If you let the small one live they will stop the spawning In enemy areas So when u are retreat Or do roshan or.. Something like that When enemies team want farm (Jungle) They will just get a little one With small gold And they must wait till next minute To get the full camp again Ok thats all my Guides and Tips for today Hope you enjoy it…

and… See you in the next one Adiós (Bye).

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