Situations when everything goes out of control right from the start aren’t that rare. Your opponents seize the early advantage, and your laning phase becomes a real nightmare. More often than not, that’s not your teammates’ fault, but is the result of the drafting phase. The opponents might just have stronger early game heroes than you do. A lot of people just decide to give up and start a new match, but we think otherwise. a new match, but we think otherwise. The game is not over until your throne falls, and just a couple thousand gold in your enemy’s favour is not a reason to just stop trying. In this clip, we are going to tell you what to do as a core hero, when you are forced to play defensively, and what things do you need to accomplish to maximize your chances of making a comeback. Let’s go! If your team is spiralling down into the abyss, at least one of your cores is doing extremely badly, if not two of them at once.

In this case, the only rational thing you will want to do is this: Focus on the farming, and hope that your team will handle everything without you. But don’t let that “rational” thing to deceive you. If every player on your team would have that thought that way, you wouldn’t have had any chances to win at all. No one would have even tried to stop the opponents from gaining advantage, and they would have simply driven you away from any sources of the farm in the end.

When playing as a defensive carry, not only you need to know how to farm quickly without dying, but you also have to draw the game out, by using your opponents mistakes and forcing the fights they might not want to take. That way, the game will become a lot longer than they would have expected. You just won’t be able to achieve the first without the latter. Only one of the two core heroes can afford to hide and focus on the farm. The other one just has to take part in the teamfights, otherwise their team will be doomed to unpleasant demise. But, obviously enough, you only have to take part in teamfights which have at least a slight chance of ending in your favour. And which one of the two will farm, while the other suffers, has to be decided immediately. Creating space is the task for the most combat-capable of your to fulfil. With no help coming from the core heroes, the losing side will die out pretty quickly, so the role of the one core that will have to take the fights is just as important as the role of the one who will farm up and hope for the come back.

Their playstyles will differ quite a lot, even though both of them can switch those roles in any match, or even at any point of a single match a twill. Throwing both of your cores at the fights is too risky, and will most likely end up in a total defeat for your team. Selfish farming comeback strategy. With the laning phase lost, you can’t keep taking all the 5 on 5 teamfights the opponent offers you. They have the advantage, after all, so every consecutive fair teamfight will only increase their lead further. This is why it is so important to pick the one hero who will farm all alone. It’s their decent networth aht will help you win the game later on.

The rest of his teammates, however, have to make sure that he has enough time for farming, and wait until the opponent makes a mistake. Even the International champions make mistakes sometimes, so you shouldn’t ever lose all hope when your laning phase was lost. When you are playing this “selfish farmer”, you need to find the safest spots on the map to use for your farming. And it might not necessarily be your own jungle. Quite the contrary. The opponent might want to seize control over your jungle as soon as they can, so it will become unsafe for you quite quickly. In that case, the enemy jungle, and the offlane will have to become your home for quite a while. Don’t get too carried away with splitpushing, since the opponents will spot you quite quickly, and will start trying to catch you in your new safehouse.

So, again, don’t stick to one place for too long. Use different spots for farming at all times, and try to cover your trails. The opponent will be very focused on your towers at first, but soon they will learn about your schemes, and you will become their target number one, as your team’s plans will become quite obvious and clear. Your main goal here is to avoid getting killed, and try to spread the opponents all around the map, while your team is trying to create some space for you to use. Sometimes, they might fail at that, but you shouldn’t give up. Right now, you are playing an entirely different game, and you main goal is to get back into action by catching up with the enemy core heroes, to then use your newfound strength to try and turn the game around and seize the initiative.

If you will be clever about it, you will definitely get that chance to prove yourself and punish the enemy team for their mistakes, be it an overconfidence, or a poor choice of map objectives to go for. ) Just remember that you are still a part of your team, even though you will be playing on your own for the next couple of minutes. They are counting on you, and are doing everything they can to give you a chance to show your true colors, so don’t let them down. The best choice for this role will be any “greedy” core heroes, which have a great scaling off of the items they purchase. Creating space for the other core. Usually, only the best of us get into situations like these, and they don’t look all that fair. You might have completely dominated your midlane, but both of your sidelanes were absolutely lost, and you don’t feel like you deserve it. Or you might have had a good time on your easy lane, but that foolish midlaner of yours kept dying all the time. It might as well be that both of you have performed poorly, but it just so happens that your hero is better at fighting than the other.

In all of those cases, you will be the one to follow your team around and take part in the teamfights. Your actions will shape the outcome of this extremely difficult period of the match. And if you do succeed, and the comeback actually happens, all of the fame and honor will be left to that other, farming core, whom you were creating all of that space for. But that’s just what you get for being among the best of us. Just remember that teams like this will be doomed without you, and be content with your own personal contribution. This playstyle doesn’t require you to take up any fight the opponents throw your way, since not only you will be outnumbered at all times, you will also have smaller networth in general. You need to look for good moments to secure kills on enemy players in bad spots, or to start somewhat equal teamfights, where you won’t be as outnumbered and overpowered by your opponents. We are mostly speaking of the team actions, but there is room for your individual manoeuvres, which can still benefit your team quite a lot.

You are the strongest hero of the losing side, and so it’s on you to look for good picks and angles for surprise attacks against your opponents, which will, eventually, give your farming ally more space and time to gather his strength. It is very important to see a line between life and death, and just prevent your opponents from advancing any further and, essentially, make them waste their time. With every failed attempt to advance, they will start understanding that the time is playing against them, which will force them to rush and make more mistakes than ever. That is where your team can really step in and get a chance to get back into action. You shouldn’t forget about your own farming completely. Now, you won’t be farming in the safest spots imaginable, since those will be taken by your other core hero. So, more often than not, you will find yourself in very difficult situations, and you will have to be ready to get out of them alive. Your solo deaths will have a huge cost for your team, but deaths during teamfights, when exchanged for the enemy heroes, will only benefit your team and delay their final sieges.

You shouldn’t be too worried about your life during the teamfights. Trading yourself for the enemy core will be mostly a good decision, since their networth will most likely be higher than yours. It is best to force that kind of teamfights by yourself, and force them on the enemy side of the map. If the fight will be lost close to your base, there will be a huge chance of your opponents destroying one of your towers, or even a full lane of barracks. Remember that you are the strongest hero on your team at the moment, which means that your actions shape the outcomes of the future teamfights. Overall, both of the roles are extremely important for the future successes of the losing side of the match, and both of those roles require a lot of skill and game knowledge.

Not only they have to lasthit well and farm quickly, but also be clever about their map rotations, understand macro gameplay and force the opponents to waste their time. Relying on your supports in terms of macro is generally wrong, since every player is responsible for that part of the match on their own, especially in public matches. Either you are splitpushing, or fighting with the opponents. You just need to remember that you are a part of the whole, and quit thinking about your KDA and creepscore. The success of your entire team is what you have to be thinking about, even if this match will be the last time you will ever see all of those four other people.

What should you remember? When playing a core hero, choose one of the two roles. When your laning phase is lost, fair teamfights are no longer an option, since the opponents are obviously stronger than you. Teaming up and taking every fight that is thrown at you will not be beneficial, since that is exactly what your opponents want you to do. In this case, you need to separate the responsibilities and divide your strengths. Four players will have to group up and hold their ground, to create as much space for the fifth one. And that fifth one, being a hard carry, will have to farm up and come back into the game.

Having one less hero on your team during teamfights won’t make them any less unfair, since you are losing to begin with. You just have to be wise about them. The other core hero, meanwhile, will have to stay with the team and help them out, since there won’t be any chances of success for them without him. It is important to decide the roles you are going to be taking by the end of the laning phase. Consider your needs, and your abilities, before you make a final decision. And then, without wasting any moment, go ahead and try to fulfil your newfound duties. Just remember, if you won’t be able to decide on the role, and both of you will try to fit one of them together, the game will end quite quickly for you, and obviously not in your favour. When playing as a comeback farmer, don’t stay at one place for long. If you have decided that you will be the one to farm up, your responsibilities in terms of teamfights which will happen in the next several minutes will shift over to your teammates.

In return, you will be absolutely responsible for your team’s lategame, and that is a much heavier burden to carry. Your team will keep fighting just so you will be able to farm up. That is a lot of trust you will be getting, and you have to be careful about it. Look for the safest spots for farming, and mix your trails, just so the opponents wouldn’t be able to catch you so easily.

Don’t get distracted by the unnecessary fights, and use the small mistakes in the enemy macro movements to do some splitpushing. Sometimes, you will even be able to destroy a very important enemy structure, and gain a lot of advantage for your team. When creating space, try to spread the opponents all around the map, and force the fights on their side of the map. This role may look unfair and undeserved, especially when your laning phase was great, and it were your teammates which screwed up. You will have to carry your entire team, including that other guy who will have to forget about all of your for the next several minutes and farm up far away from the actual combat.

But if you will do the same, the match will be lost in a blink of an eye. You will have to take the beating for everyone, and look for the ways to make a use of your hero in the most difficult situations ever. A huge part of your team’s success will rely on your clever rotations and pickoffs. You are the strongest hero on your team, and it is your goal to create the pressure in the points of weakness in enemy offence.

Those are usually where there are either no enemies at all, or at least not as many of them as they’d like. By striking there, you will force them to spread out around the map. You shouldn’t be worried about dying during the teamfights too much. Just try to trade yourself for the enemy cores, and only start those kinds of trades on the enemy side of the map. Otherwise, you have a huge risk of them demolishing your structures, including your barracks, especially when the trade didn’t go so well for you. Follow these advices when you are playing core heroes on the losing side, and your comeback will appear closer than you might have thought. .

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