Today we are going to review the laning phase for Templar Assassin played by CCnC from team Optic Gaming. This hero is often seen snowballing out of control, after just a little bit of decent farming during the laning phase. However, in this match, the snowballing will begin from the very start, as Lanaya will taste the blood of her enemies and will become unstoppable. 5 kills to her name, in less than ten minutes. That should speak for itself. The guys from team Pain Gaming weren’t ready for so much bloodthirst in the eyes of that beast. CCnC starts off with the following items: Wraith Band, Faerie Fire, a Branch and a couple of tangos pulled by his support. He stays on the lane to block the creeps from the start.

And for his first skill, he picks the Psy Blades. Those are extremely helpful for early farming. This time, he is going up against the Troll Warlord. Thanks to the passive, Lanaya can score lasthits on the ranged creeps without bothering to approach them, keeping nice and safe as she does. The first healing salve arrives. Troll Warlord is being very aggressive from the very start, and keeps harassing our player. TA can’t retaliate strongly enough just yet, as her attack range is quite lacking, but soon the tides will have a turn, and she will be able to poke back.

Hard. And as Troll was very focused on harassment, our player has been focusing on farming instead, and has already seized the upper hand, creep-score and creep denies wise. Troll Warlord buys a sentry ward and destroys Lanaya’s observer ward, securing his vision advantage for the remaining part of the laning phase. The midlane brawl gets very violent really fast. Both of the players are getting at eachother’s throat for every little creep, so much that both of them have already ran out of their regeneration items. But, they are both going quite equally right now, if we don’t count the creep denies. Those, by the way, is why CCnC has a huge experience advantage over his opponent. However, this stalemate won’t last too long.

Troll Warlord has rushed himself, and decided not to wait for another package of regeneration items, and this is where the Templar Assassin ends his life. Well played by CCnC. TA picks up a double damage rune on botlane, and comes back to mid. With that rune on her, Troll Warlord will have to stay away from her for quite a while. He still tries to put up a fight, but gets hit through the creeps a couple of times, and immediately regrets that decision. In just mere seconds, the enemy hero was left with almost no health. CCnC is extremely good at positioning himself on the lane, in a way that always ends up in a hit or two on his lane opponent. A couple of precise strikes later, the poor troll is already left with no health again.

And another couple more, before the opponent starts running. It’s just too dangerous for him to stay and keep lasthitting. He might just get hit once again and die. It’s that easy. However, he decides not to run too far away. He stays underneath his tower and tries to farm the creeps there, being absolutely sure about his safety. He didn’t expect CCnC to get bold enough to reach him under that tower at all. But the Refraction can block the tower hits, too, so our player can afford to dive so early on and secure his second kill.

Troll Warlord is sent all the way back to his base for the second time, and he surely regrets that last decision as well. TA buys a boot, and at this point, she is already level six. That gives her access to her traps, which will make laning against her even harder. CCnC comes to check up on a topside rune spot, where he finds the enemy Skywrath Mage, as he picks up the Haste Rune.

He tries to catch the opponent off guard, but the tables turn on him, leaving him in a very vulnerable spot. Skywrath Mage keeps his distance, and avoids getting hit. Troll Warlord comes around as well, and together, the two punish our player for being that reckless. He’s obviously got carried away here, and was baited into a trap, fair and square. But that’s understandable. Anyone would feel the same, after such a wonderful laning phase like he had. Lanaya comes back to midlane, and gets welcomed by the Troll. It is useless to keep fighting him while she is debuffed, but she still pokes him through the creeps later. CCnC has brought a lot of regen with him, and also a sentry ward. His opponent spots all of the traps he sets up, so catching him with those seems impossible.

That has to be addressed. Troll Warlord begins to dismantle another one of our player’s traps, and so it has to be detonated. He finally spots the enemy Sentry Ward and immediately takes it down, but then his own one follows suit. Who would have expected a second sentry ward on midlane?.. Also, Skywrath Mage decided to stick around and help his buddy midlaner out. His Arcane Bolts, however, are not a threat at all, as CCnC can just use his Refraction to block them completely. Lanaya finally finds a good spot for the trap, where the opponents can’t see. By the way, the opponent himself is nowhere to be seen himself. He and his buddy Dragonus have gone to drink up from the shrine, so CCnC gets a small time window to farm up. It’s not like he wasn’t farming before, but it is still a nice enough gift from his opponents.

Troll comes back to the lane, and gets caught into a trap immediately after. TA doesn’t come close to him though, as to avoid getting hit by his axes, and just shoots at him from afar. The opponent relies on his swirling axes a bit too much, and thus makes a serious mistake. He gets too far out into the lane, and once that debuff wears off, CCnC gets into a real chase. Constant movement speed slow from his traps make it impossible to get away from him. There aren’t any bashes for the poor troll either, so he is simply sent all the way back to the tavern, to drink up on some cheap beer while he tends to his wounds. Templar Assassin already has a thousand gold, and a couple of levels to her advantage. That’s impressive, considering he was playing against two people for the last couple of minutes. Troll Warlord brings another friend with him. This time, it was Winter Wyvern, and together, they immediately try to score a kill on their adversary, but it isn’t that easy.

CCnC gets away, and heals up on his highground. But Troll will not have such a luxury. Crystal Maiden and Tusk come around and lock the opponent down, making it extremely easy for CCnC to finish him off. The same goes for Wyvern, too, since she thought that she was invincible for some reason. Our layer simply chases her down underneath her tower, and scores the fifth kill of this laning phase. CCnC is truly unstoppable today. This is a Northern American star rising, that’s for sure. Not only he is well versed in the darker arts of lasthitting and killing, he is also very capable of warding his own lane.

He puts up the observer ward, and a sentry ward, to remove the enemy one, which was being used to disrupt his traps. Miss Fortune smiles upon him, and makes him a gift, in the form of the regeneration rune. There are two enemies on his lane once again, and since the lane is so pushed, being there isn’t all that safe. That is why our player rotates into the jungle. With that Refraction being level four, killing the jungle camps shouldn’t be an issue at all. Newly placed wards were removed once again, and CCnC buys yet another sentry ward to address that issue. But even with these little investments, he is still at the top of the networth table. Lanaya deals with the wave of creeps and starts hitting the tower as well, but the enemies use their Glyph of Protection. A couple of heroes show up to defend it, and our player has to fall back. They won’t let him remain safe around his own lane, but even with all that, he is still dominating it, with no chances left for his lane opponent to change it in any way.

At this point, the laning phase is over. CCnC is ahead by one and a half thousand gold and three full levels of experience. That gives his team a solid ground for their future victory in this match. What should you remember? Pick your Psi-Blades up at level one. You might think it doesn’t give you much. No extra damage, no magic burst damage you can use to poke your opponent with. However, that passive lets you harass your opponent -while- you are farming the creeps. It is important to position yourself properly as you do, as to line those shots up every time.

Try to mirror your opponent’s movements, predict them, and hit him from afar. This will allow you to keep harassing him, constantly, and sometimes even score some kills, just like CCnC did in this exact match. Once you reach level six, try to have a couple of traps set up on the lane. Templar Assassin has a high autoattack damage output, but doesn’t have any reliable crowd control source built into her kit. At least, not until she reaches level six. When the traps become available, however, the tides suddenly turn. Putting those traps down beforehand will allow you to score a couple of extra kills.

Be ready for your opponent to start using sentry wards to remove those, however. Use your own sentries to put a stop to that, and to secure your dominance over the lane. In this match, CCnC kept dewarding the enemy true sight providers, using his own money for that, since he knows full well just how important it is to have a couple of traps set up around your lane.

Those little expenses in the form of sentry ward purchases didn’t prevent him from staying at the top of the networth table. Quite the contrary, they have helped him to score a couple of kill’s, thus giving him even more wealth to go around with. .

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