Now we’re going to analyze the laning of the Spectre – the strongest carry in the current meta. In fact, of all the heroes, Mercurial has long had the highest winrate. The spectral assassin is not the most powerful hero on the lane, but as the match progresses, she’s capable of greatly impacting the game at a single press of a button. The character is pretty straightforward and forgiving. But woe to those who make misplays when playing against the Spectre, for chances are that she will punish the wrongdoers. Lanes have been extremely potent these days, and sometimes the laning stage of the game turns out to be quite challenging. But still there’s a way out. This is exactly what an Optic Gaming pro player, Pajkatt, is going to demonstrate to us.

Our team will face Fnatic at The Summit. At the moment of the analysis of the match our fighter ranked 41. Jakiro spots the enemies who are heading to the offlane. There’s no point in even trying to contest the Rune now. The Spectre can’t really do much when it comes to fighting for Rune, and thus, think twice whether it’s worth it to make a stand before going to the lane. At least it’s possible to block creeps, and Pajkatt is doing just that. However, he’s doing it in an old-fashioned way, moving the screen with the help of his mouse and going straight, which ends up being a not very-well organized creep block. In this regard, it’s crucial to fix the camera on the hero and then make small steps left and right rather frequently, forcing the allied units to stop.

Having come to the lane, the carry aggroes creeps right away, which will enable him to last hit the enemy units while being away from the vile Windranger. But the enemy manages to deny the creeps right at the tower. The Spectre even throws her dagger in an attempt to finish off the ranged creep, but the archer is just too good. The carry is pulling creeps again, leading them away from the opponents, but the WR messes up with last hitting again, constantly firing her arrows at the poor Mercurial The spectre throws her dagger again in an attempt to last hit creeps, but she does it too early and not a single creep has been secured. Pajkatt is desperately trying to find a way out of this predicament. He attempts to pull the creeps, but the pesky Windranger doesn’t let him do it.

Our fighter is heading to the small camp to try his luck, but the camp is blocked by Ward. If it weren’t blocked, the Spectre would’ve done a pull and Jakiro would’ve had to deal with creeps. The spectral assassin does a pull, but the red-haired damsel spoils everything again. Having given the current in-game situation a thought, our hero realizes, that there’s really nothing to do for him on the bot, and the carry makes a tough decision which eventually ends up being the only right one. He swaps the lane. There’s the enemy Visage laning on the top all alone, and supported by Chen, the Spectre will be able to farm there. In case you’re being heavily pressured on the lane when playing the Spectre, you can either ask a support to help you out, or you’ve got to swap the lane.

You can even continue laning, but only if the rest of the lanes are doing very well. After coming to the top, Pajkatt aggroes creeps right away and makes them attack the ranged creep. He then rushes to last hit the ranged creep, since Visage copied his play. As a result, our fighter secured the enemy unit unlike his opponent. It’s a small victory already. The player is pulling creeps towards him again, but this time around the carry starts damaging them right away. Because of this the units don’t attack the ranged creep. Visage denies the ranged creep right in front of our fighter, and, naturally, situations of the kind have to be avoided. Our fighter could’ve come closer in order to secure the last hit, or he could’ve used his dagger.

Given a rough start, every last hit counts, especially if it’s a ranged creep. Chen is about to press the attack, but there are not enough creeps to dive the enemy. The enemy has been zoned, and Pajkatt makes use of the situation, farming creeps The carry aggroes creeps again, and here the ranged creep is attacked by a single unit. Our fighter damages him quite a bit, but the warrior dies too early, without able to pressure the ranged creep just enough to deny him. The Spectre is pulling creeps towards herself and Visage is doing just the same, working against each other. Our fighter takes the last hit and then he rushes towards the ranged creep. Had he denied his creep, his enemy would’ve done the same thing. Visage is pulling creeps and Pajkatt focuses on denying in order to get more EXP and get the lane a little bit closer to his tower Chen has come to the top, and the carry starts pushing the lane in order to tower dive his enemy while there are a lot of creeps around.

Visage is hiding in the trees, and this is where our fighters dive without any further ado. In the meantime, the creeps are attacking the tower, and thus there’s nothing to worry about. It was possible to secure quite an easy kill, and our fighter claimed the frag. It’s important to let the Spectre last hit enemies at the start of the game, especially if the start of the game wasn’t very auspicious for her. The tower falls shortly after, and the carry is damaging the creeps. Chen is pressuring the tower with his allied units as well. Very nice! Pajkatt is the one to last hit the tower, and it’s quite important for him to do so as well. If no one is messing with you, it’s better to leave the last hitting to the carry. Our fighter is pushing the lane and he’s doing the right thing. The siege creep is still alive, and there are a lot of allied units on the lane.

It’s possible to either make the enemies rotate to the top, or damage the tier 2 tower. The careless zombie takes a bashing, and Pajkatt presses the attack right away. Visage comes to help out his ally and our player uses his ultimate to secure the kill. One doesn’t have to use his ultimate only to attack the enemy from afar when playing the Spectre. The ability works quite well in close quarters, also. After all, it’s better to use the ultimate rather than let the adversary escape. Our fighter isn’t giving Visage a chase, since Tiny is TPing to the top, and this is where something hits the fan. Chen happens to be this something. Had our hero dived the tower, he would’ve been doomed, as well. The laning stage is complete. Our hero has been through 2 kills, and he’s also last hit a tower. Besides, our proud hero is leading in terms of net worth. Taking into account a very challenging start, the Spectre has performed very well.

And here are the things worth noting The Spectre is a rather poor fighter at the start of the game, before the first creeps spawn. For this reason, think twice before contesting Bounty Runes. The Spectre is relatively weak on the lane and in case you’re being pressured by a strong duo lane, you’ve got a few options. You can ask one more teammate to help you out and organize a triple lane. Besides, it’s possible to swap the lane and go somewhere you can farm.

And you can also continue laning in case all the other lanes are doing just fine. In case last hitting is tough, you can take down creeps with the help of daggers. This is especially true when it comes to finishing off ranged creeps. When doing it, try to hit your enemies as well Constantly aggro creeps. It will enable you to last hit more units, and your opponents will harass you less. After all, the further away you are from your foes when finishing off creeps, the better The ultimate can be used to help out your allies, and you can also pop it when engaged in close quarters combat. .

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