Keeper of the Light has the ability to stack neutral wood creeps using Blinding Light Let’s start with the basics. In this experiment, we will study the REFLECTING effect of the ability. Enemies will always be thrown at a radius of 525 from the point of application of the spell It does not matter if the target is close to the point of application or not With proper use, this ability can position enemies as your team needs (Enigma, Tidehunter, etc.) Now let’s see how it works on neutral creeps As a rule, to stack creeps, you need to remove all existing creeps from the spa zone Blinding Light will help us to repel creeps from their spawn.

Use (timer) to do this during If everything is done right, it can be repeated throughout the game Let’s leave it to the allied Alchemist 82 years later … Now this is because of Divine Rapier Or Aghanim’s Scepter for such a good support! Let’s apply this to other camps You can leave the creeps on a hill (highground) .. I’ll have to try! “Please, Mr.

HARD KERRY” 🙂 In this camp, the application time is not so important. When you like, you can pull the line towards you. Too many creeps! Can not push! Delay: you need to wait until the creeps run around Another complex spawn: creeps can get stuck here (you have to kill them) Blocks the spawn! Another complex spawn with a large spawn zone It is a pity that this does not work on ancient creeps: with (Spanish): – “What? ..” And on Roshan: with.

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