=====Skills===== Reflection Terrorblade slows a targets move and attack speed by 60% and creates an invulnerable reflection of the target that deals 70% damage at max level. These reflections can only attack the original target and last for 5 seconds. Reflection cost 50 mana with a 10 second cooldown Conjure Image Conjure image creates a copy of terror blade that deal 60% of his damage and take 300% of all incoming damage. These images last for 32 seconds. You can have up to 2 images up at any time. Conjure image cost 80 mana and has a 16 second CD. Metamorphosis Metamorphosis transforms terror blade in to a demon for 52 seconds giving him arrange attack and 80 bonus damage. Metamorphosis cost 50 mana and has a 140 seconds cooldown. Sunder Sunder will mini stun a target and will switch terror blades and the targets current Health percentages. The target will be left with a minimum of 15% of their health left.

Sunder cost 0 mana at max level and has a 40 second CD. ====Skill build==== Take an early point in reflection then ease off on levelling it further until last. Take it at level 1 ,12, 13 and 14 Conjure image Is your bread and butter and should be taken with highest priority, picking it up at levels 2,3,5, and 7 Meatamorphosis is your second priority and should be taken at level 4, 6, 8 and 9. Sunder is a good ultimate but is hindered by the high mana cost. This is why we wait until levels 10, 11 and 16 to level it. Stats can be taken at the normal level 15 and from 17 onwards. ====Item build==== Staring out you’ll want to pick up a Stout shield, 3 iron branches and tangos this should ststain you in lane. After a little laning upgrade to a poor man’s shield, get your brown boots, and finish off your magic wand. To finish off this initial core you’ll be wanting to upgrade your boots to power treads.

As for your fist big item an S&Y is a solid choice as it can be disassemble later into a manta and halberd. Next you’ll want to pick up and ultimate orb and get to splitting that S&Y and getting a manta Then turn your Sange into a halberd. For you last slot get a skadi to help bulk you up. ===Gameplay=== In the laning phase you should be in the easy lane with a ranged support Crystal maiden is a good option. Just keep to your standard farming keep an eye out for an opportunity to get a kill with a reflection metamorph combo if the enemy are pushing out a little too far. After everyone is done farming you should keep going, you can use your illusions to farm the jungle while you’re in the lane and vice versa. You should be able to get a few kill while you are doing this with the meta -> conjure –> reflection combo.

You can also use your conjure to push lanes to great effect. Late game you can either split push or stick with your team and fight it out. Split pushing is only advisable if you know your allies can keep the enemy busy while you’re going to town on their towers. When in a team fight try to meta before you use conjure so you can get the bonus damage from the transform. If you win a team fight don’t be scared to push the advantage and start looking for building to take. If you’re on the defensive use your illusions to push out while you stay back in safety when you get low swap your health with an enemy remember that they can be taken below 15% so this is the threshold you should be looking for targets at..

As found on Youtube