Hey everyone it’s TontonTouffu, in this video I will talk about the offlaner What is an offlaner? An offlaner is an hero who will go alone on the hard lane It’s the most dangerous lane because enemy have the control over the woods and you are often against a composition of three hero (a tri- lane) Offlaner hero havemost of the time an utility skill set like Tidehunter Or less frequently an aggressive skill set like Broodmother Furthermore, offlaner hero have escape or tank ability allowing them to stay alive and manage their lane What’s his role ? The first goal of the offlaner is to gain exp without endangering himself You must not give gold or exp to your enemies.

You also must be available to help your mid or your safe lane with a TP Gain gold if possible And dominate your lane if you have a hero who can do it, like Broodmother What you need to understand is that the offlaner must do the difference in the firsts battles You MUST TP as soon as you see an enemy dive under your towers The goal of the offlaner is not to farm, it’s to protect his team or offer kills to his teammates How successful your offlane ? To succeed your offlane you have to take some heal, Tangos + Healing salve minimum Then you must ward effectively to block possible pulls or see them and take exp and maybe even some golds Block as often as possible, letting the ranged creep go ahead YOU MUST NOT DIE !! Always carry a TP to help your team Keep an eye on the minimap to prevent ganks TP 10 seconds after your mid die is not helpful With domination heroes you have to play aggressively thanks to the levels more than you have compared to your enemie.

s And for heroes with powerful ultimate like Tidehunter or Elder Titan you have to smoke gank as soon as you are level 6, on the mid lane or the safe lane To successfully gain golds you have to play with the aggro mechanic of creeps clicking on enemy heroes To finish, what you must understand is that the play style of your offlane depend of your type of hero and the line up against you play For exemple if you play a Tidehunter against melee heroes You will be able to dominate the lane even in 3 vs 1 but if you play a Tidehunter against ranged heroes with many stuns, you have to be much careful In the same way, when you choose if you want to block the camp or not block the camp and just give you the vision of ganks if you don’t block the camp, it’s because you are capable either of taking the creeps or taking the exp safely or you have an offlaner hero who can block camp by himself.

For example with Nature Prophet you can use his treants to block the camp Same thing with your agression some heroes can be agressive earlier than others For exemple in a low level game, you see a Crystal Maiden or a Leshrac, a low Hp inteligence hero and you play Clockwerck and you took you ministuns at level 1 you can make this kil easily if he is alone If he is not alone, and it’s the case most of the time especially if you play at an higher level game you will have to play safer and wait for more exp to do something.

In any case, remember your goal is to not die ! and to help your team, it’s your goal number one ! It’s about everything you need to know about the offlane There is not so much to keep in mind but you have to remember you are NOT more important than your mid or your carry Your are in position 3 the mid and the carry are your boss, you are here to serve them you are there bodyguard, you must be there to help them ! Thanks for watching Subscribe and like ! Likes help me to get visibilty on Youtube and make my way in this vast virtual world a little click for you, a big step for me !:) See you soon, next time a video on Nature Prophet !

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