Hey guys welcome back to the channel this is astronaut and I decided to upload a little gameplay from Dragonball fighters so for those of you if you’re still deciding whether you want to purchase the game or not I wanted to have lo some footage so that you could have something to see something to kind of go off of as to what the gameplays like what kind of experience you can anticipate now in this particular battle I chose to go with banana I’m sorry I chose to go with Goku I made them the banana team because everybody Goku thrillin Danny I’m Charlie all in yellow I chose to go up against Android 18 along with Android 16 and cell so I guess you could say that’s like for dr.

Girona Android team they’re all in green and one thing I like about the game is that whatever color you choose for your character it translates over into their intro so you see them in that same color for their intro and of course for the battle so that was really a nice little element that they added now as you can see for Goku I’m using a lot of projectiles that’s kind of turning into my personal style if i use the x-box so the a button is completely devoted to growing projectiles and of course using the Kamehameha wave if you combine it with the down forward um and then the equity a button so I pre I like to do a lot of projectile throws I like to use the insta transmission so you’re probably gonna see me do a lot of like you know jumping across the screen the Internet the instant transmission is a little limited because it will only transport you closer to the enemy you can use it to transport away from the enemy so but other than that it works really well because every time you go in for the enemy you automatically appear with a kick or some sort of hit that will help you you know defeat the enemy now I have the difficulty setting set on birdie I believe the normal settings for 50 but I couldn’t hang with 50 50 was kicking my butt so I decided to go back down to 30 and 30 was a little better because when you’re working with a brand-new game you want to give yourself enough breathing space to be able to learn the moves comfortably and to not be like struggling and wrestling you know I don’t like doing that you know I don’t like getting online with a brand new game and not knowing anything and getting pummeled I think that just just keeps you from learning the game faster so I’ve kind of taken the approach to kind of minimalize a lot of like the level of the CPU so that I can have more time to develop my skills and get more comfortable with the characters so far I’m using Yamcha Crillon and Goku this is the same team that I used during the story mode so I’m probably the most comfortable with them but I really want to branch out from using them and start using like I like Future Trunks future tones are really cool I really like adult Gohan it’s really cool the only problem with the dope Gohan though is that he doesn’t really have quick fire rapid fire projectiles like Goku excuse me Goku and krillen and Vegeta those characters have quick rapid-fire um projectiles but Gohan doesn’t really have that but Gohan has some other interesting characteristics which I will get into another time now for this second battle I decided to go ahead and go up against all the villains here except for beerus and I don’t know I’m kind of getting a little addicted to the whole color coding element of the game I think it really adds a lot of enjoyment um I decided to go ahead make everyone purple I couldn’t really deal with freezes colors will work very well because no matter what color you put him in he’s always two different colors so I decided to just leave him alone and let everyone else be purple okay so going into this round like I said as I told you guys with Goku I like to do the rapid fire projectiles and I also like to do the Instant Transmission for the teleporting and um I’m trying to get a little better with air attacks err dive attacks this game is really good at allowing you to do a lot of aerial combat and it’s executed very very well it doesn’t look cheesy or hokey and sometimes when you sit back and watch the gameplay it almost gives you the feel like you’re actually watching the actual TV show the way the combat emulates the TV show is amazing it is phenomenon and a band oh did an incredible job of recreating the animated series for us in video game form so I think in the second round you’re gonna see me do a little more aerial combat and I purposely wanted to go up against cell because for some reason whenever I go up against him is definitely more of a challenge um cells seem to have a lot of really heavy power moves that every hit just can like kind of like stun you a little bit so I went ahead and made him number one on the opposing team and um you know as you can see I’m doing my foot rapid fire as you can see I do my jump up and then I’d be my dive attack and you can extend a lot of combos like you can start a combo in the air and then extend it in the air and keep it going so you’re up in the air for a very long time and you can actually go Oh considerably higher into the air in these rounds I really wish they have made it a little bit more like Marvel vs.

Capcom to when you literally could do like a double jump that since you like like miles in the air you can still do a double jump on this game but it only sends you only so high so you know so you kind of work with what they give you but it’s still a lot of fun and the combos can launch you even higher if you can master the aerial combat aspect of the game so but I’m really enjoying this game as you can see so much randomness happens as the game continues and it almost makes it really hard to follow especially if you’re familiar with more of the fighting styles of like injustice – and Mortal Kombat this um this game mechanic system is really really like an open-world and there are so many different aspects of the characters moveset that you can use there there might be some things that you never use there might be some things that you use all the time but the world of the game is very big and it gives you so much to work with so I hope you enjoyed it guys I’m gonna keep doing these I hope to see you in another video soon

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