Down light and the down medium are both overheads you may notice the only one you can convert from really is down medium you would do a down medium standing medium down hard that means you can get the three bar and you get the hard knock down here this is the best idea if you Get the conversation if you do standing hard you will whiff it so you need to this another thing about Hit is his jumping hard punch , hard button as the same as Piccolo’s so it will knock them away so what you want to do is either light medium or medium light or just the one, up to yourself so I seen SonicFox at winterbrawl he was , so something similar block string you would do with Hit is light light medium medium quarter cycle forward light light so one of these this is safe on block your minus your minus but you’re still safe on blocks so it be best thing in to do.

Light light medium medium with Hit is the exact same as Light light medium hard so whatever one you prefer let’s try this, wasnt good enough from ma this would keep the pressure and then you can go Into your overhead here so I seen SonicFox doing this so it starts with maybe he’d, start with overhead and then he’d do the overhead there with the standing medium* soz the crouch medium I would always do the Crouching overhead instead of doing that The only thing you can convert from is the assist with Hit you can actually convert from this and if this is on blocked you will just go straight Into your and then your quarter-circle forward light again on the down hard so if they did block your overhead just go into that again and then if you had your assist then bring in your assist so for that you do quarter circle forward light when you’re in the stand you do assist light It should always combo and another thing is about Hit is, cause his medium is a teleport medium you can actually assist medium and most to the time with every character it would aaa..

it would keep the assist as your pressure there’s just simple Tips with Hit just remember that his light light medium medium light light medium fierce And you want to cancel off the second medium Or you want to do light light medium firece canxel off the firece here when you do the quarter circle forward you want to do the assist then the, like that. O missed it there or Go into the overhead just sample ideas thanks might very much. Like and Subscribe ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ.

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