After Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball FighterZ last year and giving some chance people to try the Open Beta sometime ago, now we arrived at the time to play this game. One thing that distinguish Dragon Ball FighterZ and other Dragon Ball game is its all-out visual! How exactly is Dragon Ball FighterZ able to hook their fans? Here is the Dragon Ball FighterZ Review by Guide Eater! When you start the game, you will enter the game lobby, If you enter the game on online mode you will enter the lobby automatically and you can also choose the the lobby manually. Here the character will turn into “chibi”, maybe the first impression you will say is “this is so cute”.

You can change what chibi characters you want to use. There are so many features features in the lobby. You can also interact with the players around using dialogue that already provided from the game or maybe you can use some funny stickers. So, how does it looks like when we enter Battle Mode? It’s very cool! There are 23 playable characters and 13 stages that you can choose.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is a game with 3v3 format battle where you can choose three different characters to fight enemies that also have three characters in their team but sometimes you only fight one character. To finish the fight you must defeat all of the opponent members but don’t worry there will be a chance to switch the character in the middle of the fight you can also use your team members to do assist that increase the damage on the opponent the single combo buttons also make it easier for us to play you only need to press two buttons to pull out the Super Attack in story mode you’ll be exploring a map consisting of several enemies that you can choose to fight for with limited turns as the story progresses you can add more team members one by one until you meet the boss and move on to the next chapter.

The further story you have passed, the higher di enemy level you have to face. So you have to do leveling to match the enemy level. If your level below them you will be bullied by enemies with sadistic never ending attacks. and you will defeated. You can move to another map to level up your team and don’t forget to change your character evenly, so the level of each other not left behind the story of each chapter will be different for each player depending on what step you take. If you close your battle with a good attack, you can get a pretty reward called Destructive Finish After playing for days, Guide Eater strongly recommends you guys to play this cool game. All I can said is this game is the best dragon ball game ever made. So what are you waiting for? Buy the game and start the battle!

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