DoomWZ's Force User/Majesty T4 PvP Skill Build

I’m going to share my future builds in DN EU for level 40-50-60 Majesty (since it seems we’re gonna start at 40 cap). These are PvP builds, which are pretty good in PvE as well, but the main purpose is PvP/Ladder. Of course I did these builds based on my playstyle and personal experiences in-game. Don’t take them as the “definitive ultra OP Majesty Build”.

An important thing to know, to understand why I left certain skill at a certain level, is the skill damage growth. With T4 a lot of skills have their best increase in damage at level 6, 11 and 16. These information are provided by chaose5, which is a well-known FU from cDN. Here’s the link: chaose5 PvE guide

Well, let’s start:

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Force User LvL 40 Build

Sorceress Tree

-Glacial Spike: I choose to level it up till 13 cause it has the max freeze rate (18%) at this level for PvP (in PvE it grows even at higher level).

-Poison: level 6 for the 3rd puddle.

Force User Tree

-Gravity Ball: main Majesty’s skill, MAX!

-Triple Orbs: great skill, it does a LOT of damage if you are able to push the enemy in the all 3 orbs. (Example to do that: Knock Down->Poison->Triple Orbs (3 orbs)->blink black(Gravity Spark) to push in the 2nd orb->Flame Worm to push in the 3rd orb).

-Black Hole: just needed to take Summon Comet, I don’t like this skill in PvP, slow cast, low damage. You can use it after Nine Tail Laser for a safe strike.

-Summon Comet: I always skipped this skill before T4, since it has slow cast and it wasn’t a Dark skill. But with T4 it does a lot of damage in a single shot. Best use is after Time Stop or while the enemy is trapped in Poison and Triple Orb combo, or also in a Black Hole. Level 1 is beacuse I prefered to max other skills, since at level 40 you can’t level it up to 6 (Bigger size and peak damage).

-Gravity Ascension: I decided to reintroduce this skill in my build, just 1 level. It’s a good skill for CCing and link combo, or also to knock down Mercenaries while they’re using Iron Skin, or other classes using high SA skills. It does 6 hits, it’s a good move to blink back after the 6th hit and hit the enemy with gravity sphere to keep him knocked down. Before T4 I used to skip this skill since it required too much SP to reach it and two “useless” skill (Black Hole and non-element Comet). Ladder wise, with the old T3 HP suffix, a combo like Nine Tail Laser->Black Hole->Gravity Ascension would have healed the opponent since these skills do few damage. But with T4 I finally can take it back!

-Time Stop, Time Dodge, Beyond Time: Max everything here.

-Linear Ray, Force Shield, Force Mirror: leave all at level 1, just to take Spectrum Shower.

-Spectrum Shower: Max it. Even if it isn’t a dark skill, it does a lot of damage, but use it carefully since the cast is slow.

-Ultimate: In 40 cap I decided to skip the Ultimate. FU’s ultimates don’t deal a lot of damage, it’s more for CCing than else, so you can easily skip it for now, since there are better skill to invest SP in.

Majesty LvL 50 Build

Force User Tree

-Triple Orbs: level 11 cause it has its damage peak at this level.

-Summon Comet: level 6, bigger size, damage peak.

-Spectrum Shower: level 6, damage peak.

-Meteor Storm: now I can take the ultimate left behind in 40 cap. Use it carefully in Ladder since once you cast it you can’t cancel the skill. It gives iFrame at the beginning of the animation, but if you miss it, the opponent will have a free strike while you’re floating in middle air. Better use for CCing than DPS.

Majesty LvL 60 Build

Force User Tree

-Gravity Ball: maxed, last peak damage.

-Triple Orbs: I leave it at level 11, since its next damage peak is at level 16, but you can’t reach it at 60. Well, at level 15 it still does an awesome damage, but I need the SP for other stuff.

-Summon Comet: level 11, damage peak.

Majesty Skill Tree

-Gravity Switch: maxed since I’ve spare SP.

That’s all for now, feel free to make some comments about my build, what you would change or what you like or whatever you want.

I didn’t add an in depth skills description or combos or anything else, cause you can find all this stuff in the Sakasen’s FU Guide.

Byez ;)

Credits go to DoomWZ.