-GB Hey, whats happening guys, kris here and in this video, ill be giving you 8 cool and interesting facts and things that you probably didnt know about Dying Light. So theres plenty of ways to slice, dice, shoot, mutilate and decapitate the un-dead in Techlands zombie bashing game, Dying Light. In fact theres actually over 100 unique weapons that you can find and use against your zombie opponents, from planks of wood and sledgehammers, to machine guns and assualt rifles. This might seem like a lot of weapons, but really, theres actually a hell of a lot more, and with the power of crafting, theres actually over 1000 different combinations and variations of existing weapons, that can altered with modifications and blueprints, so chances are, technically, youl probably never get to see every weapon, unless youre extremely dedicated.

Now Dying Light is a bloody, gory game. skulls can be crushed, limbs can be severed and blood can be spilt, everywhere. And so, it might not be the best game to show off the power of your beloved game console to your 78 year old granny. The gore levels are upped to the max and just like any controversial topic in the gaming world, theres always one country that gets offended. This time its Japan that dished out the censorship. Instead of letting the zombies and people bleed standard red blood. They decided to get all alien on the game and give everybody green blood. As you probably would expect, this didnt go down well with the Japanese gaming community. Many complaints later, they decided to, sneakily, embed the red blood and gore in the proper version of the game into the Japanese version in a patch.

Now apparently, disk based content is censored easily in Japan, but patches and DLC aren’t overlooked by the censors so much. The devs were so devious about the whole thing, that they didn’t even add the information to the patch notes, just in case, so now, In the Japanese version, zombies no longer bleed motor oil and the true violence can finally begin. Dying lights parkour is another aspect of the game that makes the gameplay, a little bit different to other, similar zombie titles. But it wasn’t always gonna be like it was in the final game. Originally, the parkour was gonna be much more in line with mirrors edge, letting the player only travel around the environment by interacting with specific things in the world, or as you might refer to in mirrors egde as, the red things. But part way through the development cycle, the devs decided to give the parkour system a complete overhaul and base it, much more on natural movement, giving the gamer more choice and freedom as to how they want to navigate around in the environment.

Because of this huge shift in focus, the team had to totally change the animations and friendly and enemy ai so that the world is compatible with the new free-running mechanics. Not only did they have all this to deal with, but they also had to abandon a lot of original story ideas, re-build and programme parts of the game, and created missions all over again right from the start. Dying Light is pretty much the same price as any other game, for the standard version anyway, theres other versions with a bit more content to keep you busy for longer if you dont mind spending a little bit more wonga. But if youre some rich millionaire who clearly has more money than sense, then Dying Lights got a very special edition, just for you. In fact, its got the worlds most expensive collectors edition, and its super rare, with only one available. On the 25th Feb 2015, the “my apocalypse edition” was announced costing a ridiculous, �250,000, which is roughly about $380,000.

This includes free parkour lessons, night vision goggles, 2 headsets, a human sized volitile statue, your face mapped onto your in-game night hunter character, a custom built zombie proof house, a trip to poland to meet the devs, 4 copies of the game signed, an xbox one console, and of course to to round it all off, a bunch of adult diapers, incase those night-time volatile chases get a little bit too much to handle. The story of dying light was aimed more towards western audiences and so techland chose to get writer Dan Jolley onboard to write up the story for the game. When he arrived to join the team, he wanted to change something he believed was a big problem that techland, and other game companies have with their stories and characters.

Its not the way create their games, but it was the way they perceive and treat female characters in their games. Now techland has had some flak in the past due to the way females have been used in their games, whether that be in-game or in the form of promotional items, such as the dead island riptide bust. Dan decided to turn things around and loose some of the stereotyped, provocative themes surrounding women characters in typical modern games, and instead give the story some strong female roles.

Jade is a good example, being a tough kickboxing champion called the scorpion, rather than the typical damsel in distress with fake eyelashes and a miniskirt. Another example of this in the game, is in the leader of a survivor group called Troy, who dishes out orders rather than receiving them. Kyle Crane, the main protagonist aka, the guy you play as in dying lights campaign, is played by the voice actor Roger Craig. Now this isn’t the first time that Rogers has taken on the un-dead as a zombie slaying hero. In fact, He’s also played as the voice actor in one of the most famous, if not the most famous zombie games in the world… Guessed what it might be yet? The game series im talking about is Resident Evil. He voices the character of Chris Redfield in Resident evil 5, Resident evil 6 and Resident evil: Revelations. So I guess you could say he’s worked with zombies before. Now if theres a crazy video-game out there to be played, its only a matter of time until Pewdiepie gets his hands on it, whether you love or hate him, theres no denying that hes a really popular guy on Youtube.

When Techland marketed the game, they took advantage of a quote from the pewds himself from one of his gameplay videos, which is seemingly sponsored by Techland. The quote read “i love this game, its sooo awesome” and was put on a advertisement poster for the game. Now of course Techland took advantage of pewdiepies popularity but slapping a random quote from a gameplay sesh, on one of their supposedly professional posters, but gamers and journalists found this to be a ridiculous choice on the marketing teams behalf, and the fact that the quote was from someone who could have been paid to showcase their game, might be seen as biased.

As normally its quotes from reviews and non-payed articles that get featured on these kind of things. Not to mention that the quote itself is a bit of a dumb thing to put on an advert. Pewdiepie even stated in a tweet that he didnt even remember saying the quote, and suggested that it was generic and could have been said by anyone. So one of Dying Lights big selling points and its own namesake, is the games day and night cycle and how they both differentiate from each other. Whilst going about your daily business in Harran, youl find that the day, lasts a lot longer than the night cycle. In the normal game, the light doesn’t actually die for very long and the night only actually lasts for 7 minutes, whereas the day lasts round about 64 minutes.

So you have over a hour to spend before you get thrown out of your comfort zone. When asked in an interview with the lead designer about the short nighttime, the dev replied, “Ive seen a grown man cry during the night, so yeah, 7 minutes is definitely enough”. So thats pretty much it for this one guys, I hope you enjoyed the video, if you found out something new about the game, let me know by clicking on that like button, thanks for watching, and sticking around all the way to the end, take it easy, and ill be seeing you, in the next one!.

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