Welcome to part 11 of our Developer Tools guide. This is the second part of creating a quest. Today, we will prepare texts for the actual quest itself. First you need a script file, which you create inside the project folder. Let’s go to our project’s folder on the hard drive. By default, you can find it in Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> common ->Dying Light -> DevTools -> workshop -> and the name of your project Within the ‘Data’ folder create a text file ‘texts_steam_workshop’ and change its extension from .txt to .scr Open it in any text editing tool, and add a required header with two parameters as seen here The first parameter will be a unique ID, the second one will be text that will be visible in-game. Now, let’s create a clear ID for the name and description of our quest.

Each and every quest in the game has to have its own codename. For those codenames, our IDs will be called – for the name: MyWallet_Name and MyWalletEpilog_Name, and for the descriptions: MyWallet_Desc and MyWalletEpilog_Desc. Now, let’s add the in-game name ‘Where is my wallet?’ and a short description ‘Quest about my lost wallet’. For the epilogue, let’s add name ‘Epilogue’ and description ‘Last quest’. When you create new a ID, it is good practice to have their name contain a prefix of your quest’s codename. For example, let’s add a new ID MyWallet_Item_Wallet for our wallet, and add a name for it ‘My Special Wallet’. We still need to add objectives to our quest. For this quest, we will need three different objectives: 1) Get rid of the zombie. 2) Collect the wallet. 3) Get to the objective.

So, let’s add those to our file. Let’s get back to the editor and load our newly created text. Go to menu ‘refresh’ and select ‘Reload Texts’. Now, let’s use one of our new IDs, the one for our wallet. Select the wallet, and in the Attributes window, in the m_Description field, let’s input our ID, MyWallet_Item_Wallet between two ampersand signs. As you can see, the ID changed automatically to our custom name.

We’re now ready to script our quest, which will be the topic of the next tutorial.Thanks for watching..

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