Part IV – Rotating objects Welcome to Part Four of the Dying Light Developer Tools guide. This time we’ll discuss the tool for rotating objects. You can find it on the tool bar here or use ‘E’ on your keyboard. Just like with moving objects, you can now see three axes in corresponding colors: red, green, and blue. By default, objects can be rotated by 15 degrees, which is called a ‘Rotate Snap’. This option can be disabled by pressing the number ‘5’ on your keyboard. Remember that you can move a rotated object either in relation to itself or to the world coordinates. If you want to move an object in relation to the world coordinates, first change the gizmo’s work mode. To do so, press ‘Tab’ on the keyboard, or choose ‘World’ on the toolbar. In the ‘World’ mode an object is moved at right angles to the gizmo of the map.

In other words, if you move it down, it moves in relation to the whole map, not the object’s base as was the case in the ‘Local’ mode. ‘Local’ and ‘World’ modes apply also to rotation. In the next video we’ll show you how to scale objects. Thank you for watching..

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