Hi, I’m Michał Napora and I’m the community manager for Dying Light. Today I want to reveal the most challenging and cruel face of Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition the Nightmare Mode. It’s a whole new difficulty level for those who fear nothing and seek the ultimate challenge. Nightmare mode is all about planning ahead and a hit&run approach. It features all the changes from the Hard mode, including longer nights, even stronger enemies, and lesser reliance on the Survivor Sense and minimap. On top of that, active skills use up your stamina, so you can’t just rush into a horde of zombies and flail around. Also no Easter egg weapons on Nightmare. We know many of you fell in love with the Korek machete, but if want a genuine challenge, you will have to do without it. Finally, each death cancels all experience points above your current level, so staying alive should be your priority. But the Nightmare Mode is not only about making your life harder — it’s an opportunity, too.

First of all, you will gain experience points much, much faster. Additionally, you get 10% experience bonus for each co-op partner, so if you band together a team of four, you will get 30% more XP points. Gold weapons are now more abundant than ever. Nightmare Mode is the ultimate challenge you asked for but with the new Legend Levels and all of its sweet bonuses and rewards, it’ll definitely be worth the risk.

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