Today, I am going to explain how to complete veteran Cyrpt of Hearts (CoH) for Gold Pledge. Like this, enemies are widely spread out and it is hard to kill them quickly. If you are DK tank, you can pull enemies by chain and DPS can kill them all by using AOE. So, DPS should have strong AOE spell like Sap Essence, Elemental Blockade, and Twisting Pass for Magicka Nightblade. We can skip 1st boss for Gold Pledge. Second boss is Ruzozuzaplamaz.. We need to know the mechanism of this boss. First, the boss cast Thunders which chase one person. People around the person also get affected by Thunders’ damage. Therefore, the person who are chased by thunders should run away from other members. Second, the boss often cast spider web thing to a person. The person becomes pupa and cannot do anything until other member release the person. Other members should press “X” nearby the person..

As found on Youtube