Today, I am going to explain how to complete veteran White Gold Tower dungeon. I will explain how to beat all bosses in WGT, and how to kill all enemies efficiently on the way. On the way to first boss, each group of enemies has a healer. A healer cast healing over time (HOT) spell which is the white circle. When enemies are on the HOT circle, it is difficult to kill them. That is why, we should keep enemies out of the circle. Also, a healer uses single target heal for a enemy, so we can bush the healer to interrupt healing. Like this group of enemies, often enemies are spread out in large area. Damage over time (DOT) area of effect (AOE) spell/skill like Caltrops or Elemental Blockade are useful. Also, in WGT, Dawnbreaker works well. If you are Magicka DPS, you can use Inner Light to maximize DSP before using Dawnbreaker. In this fight, DPS always should attack the enemy from behind because he uses strong AOE in fornt. Also, you should avoid red circles on the floor as usual.

Tank needs to block almost all attacks due to his strong power. First boss is called “the Adjudicator”. DPS always should attack the boss from behind and watch out the waves. Even tank should avoid the waves. Then, some zombies show up. They are weak, so DPS can kill them with AOE skill/spell. We should stay out blue flames. Also, often a person is captured in a cage, so everyone should have lockpicks to get out of the cage. From this stage, some portals appear so we should close the portals as soon as possible. Only one person in party can close portals, so everyone should have ranged skill/spell for closing portals. If your screen turns into gray, you are the person who can close the portals. This deadra is so powerful, so tank should keep taunting him and dps should attack him behind. Magicka tank can absorb fire damage by using Harness Magicka. 2nd boss is unique.

There are three bosses, tank, dual, and mage. Usually, we kill tank first then dual and finally mage. The mage is the toughest one due to his healing and damage mitigation spells. That is why, we should kill tank and dual first. Also, we should keep away the tank and dual from the mage due to mage’s damage mitigation buff. As usual, we should stay out of the red circles. This time, I tried to interrupt mage’s spell and got stun on the red circles. That is bad move, so don’t do that. We don’t have to get close to the mage in order to interrupt his heal. We can kill tank and dual without heal interruption. After finishing tank and dual, he keeps using AOE spell on the floor. So ranged spell/skill would be better. The damage mitigation is insane, so our dps become much lower than usual.

It takes while to finish him off. In this stage, we should close portals again. The mechanism is same as before. If your screen turn into gray, you should close the portals as soon as possible. Even tank and healer can be a person who should close portals, so should be ready. In this stage, all enemies do not move and cast spells. We can pull enemies here to kill quickly. This time, we did not pull enemies because our DPS is enough to kill one by one. Also, Dragonkinght can pull them by chain. Now, my screen turns into gray. It means that I am a person who should close portals.

Next boss called The Planar inhibitor is the hardest part of this dungeon if someone does not know the mechanism. In this fight, we don’t need AOE spell/skill but we need ranged spell/skill. Also, taunt skill/spell does not work in this fight, so tank should change gear and skills to more like DPS style. During the fight, we should close portals as soon as possible.

That is why everyone should have ranged spell/skill. I reccomend Bow skill for Stamina and Destruction spell for Magicka. Now, we are ready. First of all, someone should disrupt the Inhibitor Pinion. The person who disrupt the Inhibitor Pinion are targeted by the boss. We should disrupt the pinion as soon as the Pinion shows up. Now, the boss target the person. See, The Pinion shows up now, so disrupt it. Now, we can see portals but my screen is not gray. That means that someone except me should close portals. If your screen turns into gray, you should focus on closing portals. You should not try to disrupt the Pinion. Now, we can see the blue flame around the boss, so we should keep away from the boss. The flame is insane. OK, my screen is gray now so I should focus on closing portals. During closing portals, we should watch out the boss because walking through the blue flame means death.

We can use dodge roll to avoid flames. Now, the rotation is reset. We can focus on boss a while and then, we can do same thing as the beginning. The boss does not have blue flame so we do not have to run away. If we run away, melee DPS cannot focus on damage. So, the priority in this fight is 1.Close portals away from blue flame 3.disrupt the Pinion 4.focus on DPS The boss has less than 20% health, so we can focus on boss. However, this time, I focus on closing portals which might be safe way. So, again, this is not so difficult if everyone understand the mechanism of this fight. OK, here is the final boss called Molog Kena. If we read the book on the floor, the thunder thing around the boss move faster. It means that It is going to be difficult. This time, we did not read the book… I am not expert of this dungeon yet and we usually read the book.. so sad thing happens.. but let’s see. First of all, we should kill the enemies around the boss.

Do not stand on the red circle which shows up when the enemy die. OK now we can attack the boss. Watch out his spell! If you get blown away to the edge of the power, you are dead. Now, we can see Thunders on the floor. We did not read the book, so the thunders move slowly. We can easily avoid them. Now Atronach shows up! We should kill him as soon as possible. If atronach reach to the target, the target die. Same as the beginning, we should kill enemies around the boss to destroy the barrier. I felt like not reading the book is super easy and I became careless….

Now.. I was thinking like.. his health is around 20% so we can finish him off easily.. now.. Atronach shows up! oh, I should kill him quickly! Nooooooooooooooooooo I did intend to dodge roll the thunders but actually jump……… wow.. I got shocked and get into a panic. HAHA 😀 Don’t be like me. We should use dodge roll to avoid thunders. The priority number one is not dying. I am so sorry.. If I did not die, we could achieve no death run.. Anyway, I should practice this boss again and again for both easy and hard mode. Even if you are Magicka style character, you should use Dodge Roll effectively.

I should not have relied on Harness Magicka so much in this fight. Priority for this fight is 1.avoid thunders 2.kill the atronach 3.focus on boss Thank you very much for playing with me, kakebuton-san and Tsugarusenbei-san. You guys are awesome! I could enjoy this dungeon so much and I hope we can run other dungeons soon. Thank you very much for watching! I hope you enjoy this video! See you on The Elder Scrolls Online!.

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