I am going to introduce Magicka Nightblade build for Maelstrom Arena. This build is not for maximizing DPS in group dungeon/trial. This build is focusing on survivability and sustainability for Maelstrom Arena. If you are looking for dps build for group dungeon/trial please check another video from the link on right top corner. First of all, I tried to figure out how we can complete veteran Maelstrom Arena. There are 2 important points. First one is understanding Maelstrom Arena. As you know, Maelstrom Arena is unique solo dungeon and the enemies/bosses are fixed in each stage. We need to memorize when, where enemies and bosses will spawn. If we memorize them, we can kill the most dangerous enemy ASAP. For example, archers. Also, we should know gimmick of each stage. Each stage has unique gimmick/mechanism, so we should understand them properly. Unless we should understand the mechanism, we will die. To understand mechanisms/gimmicks, we should practice a lot. I died over 100 times to complete Arena first time. To understand mechanism and the right timing, place, we need to practice a lot.

Thus, on this video, I am not focusing on this part. The main part of this video is second one. How we can balancing DPS/Sutainability/Survivability. Obviously we need DPS to kill enemies ASAP. However, we cannot focus on only DPS. In Maelstrom Arena, there is no healer and tank. In Maelstrom Arena, we should keep fighting until we die. Therefore, we should think about Sustainability. We should watch out not only health but also Magicka and Stamina. Even though I am using Magicka Nightblade, I need stamina to dodge/sprint/bush. Then, survivability. In Maelstrom Arena, there is no one to revive you. You should be a great healer for yourself while killing enemies. Thus, we should think about appropriate gears, spells for surviving in Maelstrom Arena. So, we should balance DPS/Sustainability/Survivability. On this video, I am going to talk about Gear, Buffs, Spells, and CP for balancing those three things. Let me talk about Weapons first. Choosing appropriate weapons is very important for completing Maelstrom Arena. For choosing weapons, I consided three things, Range DPS/Spell DPS/Survivability Range DPS. In Maelstrom Arena, spawn points are often far from you.

Also, some of them are never coming close to you. They keep shooting you from far away. Archer has powerful skill killing you instantly. That is why, we need ranged DPS. Spell DPS means spell power. Some weapons give you higher spell power, so we need to consider it. Finally, survivability. We need to use some defensive spells/skills so we should think what weapon is the appropriate. Thus, I feel like those three combinations are viable: Dest&Rest, Dual&Dest, Dual&Rest Why is dual weapon viable? Because it gives us higher spell damage than Dest/Rest staff. You can see my spell power is higher when I am equipping dual weapons. But I am not saying dual weapon is appropriate for Maelstrom Arena. We need ranged DPS but we cannot ranged attack with dual weapon. That is huge disadvantage in Maelstrom Arena. In group dungeon/tiral, I am using Dual&Dest for maximizing DPS but I do not use Dual for Maelstrom Arena.

Also, Rest Staff is almost mandatory for Maelstrom Arena if you are magicka based character. We need Rapid Regeneration/Healing Ward for survivability. Therefore, I choose Dest&Rest for balancing range/spell dps and survivability. I am using Precise Dest(Flame) staff and Defending Rest staff for Maelstrom Arena. Gear. I am using same gear as previous PVE build Main set is Twice Born Star which allow us to have two mundus stones at the same time. Shadow & Thief combination works well in terms of DPS. TBS also gives us Health, Stamina, Magicka so TBS is good for survivability, too. As monster set, I am using Nerien’eth or Valkyn Skoria. Valkyn Skoria is great set if you are using DOT spells/skills a lot.

Nerien’eth works well if you use spells constantly. For Maelstrom Arena, I prefer Nerien’eth set. Cause I do not rely on DOT spells. In order to maximize the effect of undaunted passive, I am wearing 3 types of armors, Light, Medium, and Heavy. Undaunted passive gives us Max resources, Magicka and Stamina for each type of armors. I need 5 light armors for light armor passive, so 5 light, 1 medium, 1 heavy. Also, I am using Heavy Chest not Heavy hand or waist because Heavy Chest gives us much more resistance. Traits of all gears should be Divine which increase mundus stone’s effect otherwise TBS does not make sense. I listed up useful offensive buffs..

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