Today, I will talk about how to maximize DPS for Magicka Nightblade including Status, Buffs, and Spells/Skills. Magicka Nightblade has good sustain dps with survivability. Good at DPS for both AOE and single target. Magicka Nightblade does not have to rely on healer due to his/her Siphoning Ability which can heal you while you are damaging enemies. Magicka Nightblade has mobility and has power to complete veteran dungeons alone.

So, today I am going to talk about how to extract those potential capability of Nightblade efficiency. Talk about which status we should concern, which spells/skills we can use and so on. Before talking about Nightblade’ spells, we need to know which status we should keep in mind for maximizing magicka dps. There are 4 important status, Max Magicka, Spell Damage, Spell Critical, and Critical Damage for magicka DPS. First one is Max Magicka. Higher Max Magicka means higher spell damage. Second one is Spell Damage. I don’t have to say anything. It is obviously mandatory status for magicka dps. Then, Spell Critical. The % is the critical chance for ALL enemies (including all bosses) in PVE. At last but not least, there is a hidden status called Critical Damage. Default critical damage is 0.5, so your critical strike is times higher than non-critical strike. We can increase Critical Damage rate by passive skills, major/minor buffs, and champion points. Thus, increasing Critical Damage is also important.

Overall, we should maximize 4 status, Max Magicka, Spell Damage, Spell Critical, and Critical Damage. Let’s move on next important thing, Buffs. I listed up Important buffs for Magicka DPS. There are 9 buffs and you cannot have two Major/Minor buffs of the same type at the same time. For example, If you have Major Sorcery already, you cannot have another Major Sorcery even if others cast on you. You can see Buffs and the effects on the list so please check the effects. We understand that we should keep the buffs as much as we can during fight. But how? Let’s see Nightblade column on the list. Nightblade can have three buffs by him/herself. Also, we can have Major Force and Major Empower on general column. To have Major Sorcery, we need to use Sap Essence on Siphoning skill line. We can use Reaper’s Mark in Assassination Ability line for Major Berserk We can cast Reaper’s Mark on a enemy and when the enemy die, we can get Major Berserk for 5 sec.

For Minor Berserk, we can use Merciless Resolve on Assassination Ability line. Thus, we can use those three buffs for maximizing DPS. In addition, we can use Aggressive Horn for Major Force on Alliance War-Assault Ability line. We can use the Ultimate by ourselves but usually good tank on our party use Aggressive Horn for DPS. For Major Empower, we can use a ability on Mages Guild ability line. Therefore, we can use three buffs on Class Ability and two buffs on General Ability to maximize our dps. Let’s see how buffs are effective and how we have buffs during combat.

First, let’s see how much damage we can give by single ability if we do not have buffs. I cast Assasin’s Will without buffs (actually only Minor Berserk I have) 36,100 Assasin’s Will without buffs. Then, we can see how much damage we can give by the same ability with buffs. At the beginning, I used Reaper’s Mark on Monmouth for Major Berserk. Then, swapped the bar and used Sap Essence for Major Sorcery. After that, I used Merciless Resolve for Minor Berserk. Monmouth has Reaper’s Mark debuff so I should kill the Monmouth to have Major Berserk. When I killed the Monmouth, I got the Major Berserk buff. I used Aggressive Horn for getting Major Force. Finally, I cast Assasin’s Will. 61,300 Assasin’s Will with Buffs. That is much higher than 36,100 without buffs. So like that, we can use/control Buffs to maximize our DPS. Then, I am going to talk about important passive skills of Nightblade for Magicka DPS.

Nightblade has Assasination, Shadow, and Siphoning ability lines. Each skill lines has good passives for Magicka DPS. I will explain only important passives of each skill lines. First one is Pressure Points which is increasing spell critical ratings for each Assassination ability slotted. Hemorrhage increasing critical damage by 10% while assassination ability slotted is also important. Thus, we need to slot at least one assassination ability for critical rate and critical damage. Shadow skill line does not have any important passives for Magicka DPS. Magicka Flood on Siphoning skill line is important for Magicka DPS, so we need to slot at least one Siphoning skill too. Again, we need to slot Assassination spells as much as we can and slot at least one Siphoning ability on main bar. Let me explain which spells I am using.

First spell on my main bar is Inner Light on Mage’s Guild. While slotting Inner light, I can get Major Prophecy buff which increase spell critical rate. Also, I can activate Inner Light to have Empower buff. Let’s see how inner light works. If I just cast Swallow Soul normally, damage is 15,6K. But if I use Inner light, then Swallow Soul, damage become K. Second spell is Swallow Soul which is good spammable spell for single target. It also heals caster based on the amount of damage. Let’s use the spell. Third one is Sap Essence which is good AOE spell and also gives us Major Sorcery Buff. Next one is Merciless Resolve which gives us Minor Berserk instantly. Also, It becomes strong spell called Assasin’s Will after 4 Light/Heavy attack. Last spell is Impale on Assassination Skill line. Impale is execution skill, so we should not use when enemy’s HP is higher than 25%. As you can see, if the enemy’s hp is higher than 25%, the damage is terrible, only 8.4K. If enemy’s hp is less than 25%, it becomes powerful spell, 32,4K this time. If we kill enemies with Impale or any other Assassinations’ spell, we can recover Magicka due to passive spell Executioner.

I am using Soul Harvest for Ultimate on my main bar. Soul Harvest is very cheap Ultimate which costs only 50 Ultimate. Damage of Soul Harvest itself is not so high but it applies debuff on an enemy. The enemy takes 20% more damage from Soul Harvest caster. Let me find some enemies… If I cast Swallow Soul without any buffs/debuffs, the damage is only 15.6K. If I use Soul Harvest, damage of Swallow Soul becomes 18.7K due to the debuff. Thus, Soul Harvest is easy to use and good debuff Ultimate for single target.

Move on to Second Bar. I set DOT spells and buff on Second bar. The reason is that using destruction staffs are not the best for spell damage. I am equipping Dual Blades because Dual Blades give me highest spell damage. Look at the spell damage on my status window. 2169 spell damage with destruction staff. 2565 for dual. That is why, I want to keep using main bar as much as possible to maximize my spell damage. All DOT is based on current spell damage. Thus, DOT increase if I swap destruction staff and dual. Let’s see what I mean. Each damage of DOT is 3.4K while I am equipping destruction staff but it goes up to 4.0K if I swap destruction staff and dual blades. That is why I use second bar for casting DOT spells and go back to main bar quickly as possible. Then, let’s see which DOT spell is useful for Magicka Nightblade DPS. First, Destruction spell, Elemental Blockade is extremely powerful AOE DOT. I prefer using Flame Staff for maximizing damage. Another good AOE DOT spell is Twisting Path on Shadow skill line.

Also, Crippling Grasp is awesome single target DOT spell. Cast Crippling Grasp for single target. Elemental Blockade and Twisting path for multiple targets. Total damage of Elemental Blockade is great and it is better than twisting path. But please keep in mind that damage of Crippling Grasp is the best for single target. That is why I use Elemental Blockade and Twisting path for AOE but Crippling Grasp for single target. 5th slot is kind of free. I often change spell of this slot depend on situation. Currently I am slotting Reaper’s Mark which gives me Major Berserk buff for AOE. But I can get Major Berserk Buff only when the enemy die. That is why it is useless for single target like boss. I prefer defensive spell like Harness Magicka for fighting against boss. Let me explain how Reaper’s Mark are effective for multiple target. Cast Reaper’s Mark for a enemy and kill him quickly. After I got Major Berserk, damage of Swallow Soul increase to 20.6K. Thus, I usually use Reaper’s Mark for weakest enemy and kill quickly to get Major Berserk. At last, I am using DawnBreaker for Ultimate on second bar in current version (until 30/05/2016).

After Dark Brotherhood patch release on 31/05/2016, DawnBreaker becomes Physical Damage instead of Magic Damage. That is why I will stop using DawnBreaker after 31/05/2016. Anyway, before 31/05/2016, DawnBreaker is powerful Ultimate for AOE for Magicka DPS. I only use DawnBreaker for multiple target especially for Undead and Daedra. Thus, my second bar is mainly for DOT AOE. I cast some spells and go back to main bar as soon as possible. I often change 5th solt and Ultimate on second bar based on situation. I plan to use Soul Siphon instead of DawnBreaker after next patch is released. When I talked about Buffs in this video, I was using Aggressive Horn. However, usually I do not use the Ultimate. Cost of Aggressive Horn is 250 that is too much. I cannot use the Ult frequently. It can be huge dps loss. Also, if you have good tank in your party, tank use the Ultimate for entire party. If someone use Aggressive Horn, all people in the party can get Major Force. OK now I will show how I fight for multiple enemies. (BTW my gear is 2Nerien’eth, 5TBS, 2Torug(2 Vicious Death) for multiple target.

I will talk about gear on another video.) First, casting Reaper’s Mark on weak enemy. Elemental Blockade, Twisting Path Sap Essence, Merciless Resolve… Inner Light, then DawnBreaker Elemental Blockade again. Soul Harvest for debuff. Crippling Grasp, Elemental Blockade, Soul Harvest and Impale Thanks for watching!.

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