Hey guys, this is Hatchet, and here is a quick stam DK guide for Clockwork City. First of all, put all points into stamina, and use bi-stat food. Use the Warrior Mundus stone. If you’re solo, you might want the Lover stone instead, but it’s only a small difference. Here’s my gear. For parsing, dungeons, and solo content, use Kra’gh’s, Two Fanged Snake, and Vicious Ophidian; stamina glyphs on divines armor pieces, and weapon damage glyphs on robust jewelry pieces. For weapons, a nirnhoned mainhand dagger with a poison enchantment, an infused offhand dagger with a weapon damage enchantment, and a nirnhoned Maelstrom bow with a dual ravage health alchemical poison. For optimized trials, switch Two Fanged Snake out for Night Mother’s Gaze, Sunderflame, Hunding’s Rage, or Morag Tong, and switch Kra’gh’s out for Velidreth in some fights.

Here is my CP. I like to change things around depending on group composition and content, like this. And remember, always set your red CP. The rotation is quite simple. Literally throw all nine damage abilities out along with two to three heavy attacks. Two if you’re Redguard, Argonian, or Bosmer, three for everything else. Here is my rotation. Heavy attack, Venomous Claw, heavy, Rending Slashes, heavy or light, Rearming Trap, and light weave everything else, so, Razor Caltrops, Deadly Cloak, barswap. Endless Hail, Poison Injection, Noxious Breath, Flames of Oblivion and drop your Standard ultimate here if you have it. You can also use your Flawless Dawnbreaker somewhere on your frontbar in a pinch. Remember to keep your Molten Armaments up. And that is my short and quick guide to stamina DKs in Clockwork City. For details, you can also read my written guide on Tamriel Foundry, linked in the description. If you have any questions about this guide, feel free to ask me in the comments section down below and I will address them for you.

Anyway, hope you found that helpful. Have fun!.

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