Starting Aids: Start making your own gear early in the game, do not just rely on getting something. Himmelsscherben: There are 22 sky shards to find Once you have found and activated 3 Sky Shards, you will receive a free skill point. Bank: Store your crafting materials on the bank to keep your inventory free for more important things! If you want to build something at the Crafting Station, you can access all building materials from there. Guild Banker: If you have too much armor, you can give it to a guild member. Enchanted Table: Here you can enchant items or learn spells. Alchemy: Make your own potions. Gather Resources: You can learn the Skilled Look skill, which helps you to better understand the resources. Locations and Dungeons: There are NPC (Non-Player Characters) that provide you with clues to unknown locations from time to time. Teleport / Paths: There are costs if you teleport to a shrine. Jumping from one shrine to the next shrine is free. Travel costs increase after using a Wegschreines short term.

Area Exploration: Black markings indicate areas not yet explored. Skull marks are on maps and point to places where you can find strong bosses (and mobs). Quest giver: There is no set quest order, explore the area on your own, and find as many hidden places as possible. Quest givers are no longer found in one place, but wander around! Quest status: You can read the quest status either in the quest log or on the map. Boss Mods in Dungeons: In dungeons they respawn quickly, so you can kill them more often.

Bosses occasionally drop special items, including soul gems. The quality of the prey pieces decreases after each kill. Traveling merchants: Traveling merchants do not necessarily have to be identified on the map or in the compass, Certain items can trigger entire quest event chains. These books give you five points each for the magic guild. Open your library, it shows you which books you have found in a particular area and which ones you can still find there. Danger environment: When crossing waters, especially in deeper waters, dangers may lurk. Was the tutorial helpful? And did you like it? Write your opinion below the video :).

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